Noble Systems vs NICE InContact CXOne: Excellent Scalable Solutions

Rebekah Carter

Choosing the ultimate contact centre 

Noble Systems vs NICE InContact CXOne: Excellent Scalable Solutions

Now more than ever, companies rely on their contact centres to ensure ongoing profitability and success. Fail to deliver an excellent experience when interacting with your customers, and you could instantly lose opportunities to your competitors.  

The question for today’s teams, is how do you choose the right contact centre to ensure amazing customer experience? One option could be to start by examining some of the more innovative solutions on the market, like Noble CC, and NICE InContact CXOne.  

Noble is an innovator in intelligent contact centre experiences, designed to help companies create more flexible, omnichannel interactions for customers. NICE InContact’s CXOne solution is a leading smart system for customer experience, built to deliver amazing opportunities with a modular cloud environment. Let’s take a closer look at both contenders.  

Noble Cloud Contact Centre: Features 

Noble Systems is a well-known leader in intelligent customer experience and contact centre technology. The “Noble CC” offering for cloud communications offers an all-in-one omnichannel contact centre environment, suitable for inbound, outbound, and blended interactions.  

The Noble CC solution integrates with today’s leading tools, for a quick and easy digital transformation process, and it features everything from predictive dialling to intelligent contact routing, quick provisioning, and intuitive custom desktops. Here are some of the tools included with the Noble CC ecosystem: 

  • Noble IVR: Extensive IVR with voice command for routing calls through the Noble ACD. This solution provides information to callers collects data and completes actions, like processing payments
  • Noble Compliance: Compliance features ensure you stay on track with rules and regulations ranging from HIPAA to PCI
  • Noble Harmony: Harmony is a management desktop where users can set and track contact centre activities and applications while controlling crucial resources
  • Noble Composer: The Composer system gives agents an efficient and simple way to create innovative dashboards for teams. Flexible scripting and WYSISWYG tools are included
  • Noble Recorder: Digitally collect and file agent calls so you can maintain more compliant, high-quality records of conversations
  • Noble Reports: Comprehensive historical and real-time reporting for your performance data. There’s even a management portal for tracking your insights
  • Noble multi-session: Maximise productivity with multi-session agent assignments, so teams can handle a range of non-voice, and voice conversations at once
  • Noble Inbound: The all-in-one inbound contact centre solution is the perfect unified environment for managing inbound and queued communications. The inbound software features skills-based routing, digital messaging, multi-site networking, and PBX integration
  • Noble Outbound: The Outbound contact centre from Noble helps companies automate and organise campaigns to increase call volumes. The dialler offers call management, list control, workflow management, and more

NICE InContact Contact Centre Features 

Similar to Noble Systems’ CC solution, the Nice InContact CXOne environment is a modular, and comprehensive cloud-focused platform for customer experience. More than just your average contact centre, CXOne ensures business leaders can build the kind of meaningful conversations that matter most to their target audience, with a flexible system that scales to suit you. 

The NICE InContact contact centre is a market leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant, and it offers a range of tools depending on the size of your business. You can access solutions for SMBs and Enterprise deployments alike. Features include: 

  • Digital customer experience: Deliver customer experience wherever your customers are, with call centre software that offers a 360-degree view of all channels. You can connect in more than 30 NICE CXOne interaction channels, with omnichannel routing available too
  • Contact management: Aside from giving you multiple omnichannel environments to choose from, NICE InContact also offers features like ACD for routing clients, IVR with voice-based self-service options, and a predictive dialer software for outbound calls
  • Productivity: Improve agent experience with an all-in-one environment for conversations and back-end collaboration tools. My Agent eXperience gives agents access to all the data they need on customer sentiment and cross-channel interactions. You can also access CRM integrations for extra contextual data
  • Contact centre management: Effective contact centre management means you can bring all the right insights, resources, and processes together, for faster, more efficient interactions. The management centre has automatic scheduling, agent performance metrics and customer feedback features built-in, along with WFM, Quality Management, and Interaction analytics
  • Compliance and security: CXOne is built for security from the ground up. Data storage and regular backup options are available, as well as compliance with things like GDPR, PCI, and more. NICE also offers 99.99% guaranteed uptime and strong security architecture
  • Disaster recovery: Prepare for everything with built-in failover and redundancy, workforce intelligence to track daily operations, and voice as a service to prevent call quality and abandoned call issues
  • Collections: Specifically designed for the financial services industry, Collections makes collecting money easier, with a personal connection dialler, CRM integration, quality management tools and workforce management

Noble CC vs NICE CXOne: Which is Best? 

Both Noble and Nice InContact give you an excellent, scalable solution for contact centre management and customer experience. Both of these solutions take advantage of innovative solutions like artificial intelligence and in-depth analytics, to ensure you’re not just managing customer calls – you’re delivering an amazing experience.  

Noble CC ensures you can improve agent efficiency, by tracking the performance of your employees across multiple channels – no matter where they are. Business leaders can build dashboards full of information, tools and applications for their agents, and access enhanced insights to determine where opportunities might be getting lost.  

A completely flexible ecosystem means companies with Noble can immediately enhance and upgrade their contact centre according to their needs, using AI technology to maintain routing efficiency.  

Similarly, Nice InContact offers a fully modular approach with CXOne, with amazing uptime, reliability, security, and compliance all built-in. you get amazing Workforce management tools, intuitive analytics and reporting, and even disaster recovery solutions to ensure you never miss out on an opportunity to impress your audience. 

With NICE CXOne, building an immersive omnichannel contact centre is easy, with comprehensive dashboards for your agents and CRM integrations for contextual data.  

Which intelligent solution will you choose?  



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