Puzzel Acquires S2 Communications

Rebekah Carter

Its customers may now access a sales intelligence solution

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Puzzel Acquires S2 Communications

Puzzel has acquired S2 Communications, an outbound sales platform provider. 

The platform supports brands and outsourcing sales leaders to boost agent productivity and engage with customers at the point of sale.  

Following the acquisition, Puzzel will integrate the solution into its own customer service platform.  

This new enhancement will assist Puzzel’s customers in strengthening their customer service strategies, allowing them to add outbound calling capabilities into workflows.  

The solution may also bridge the gap between sales and contact centre teams to provide a more cohesive service experience.  

Aligning Sales and Customer Service Teams 

According to Frederic Laziou, CEO of Puzzel, 60 percent of customers say they feel like they’re talking to different companies when interacting with customer service and sales teams. He added: 

We realised that there is a gap between customer service and sales organisations that creates disconnection in the way many B2C brands serve their customers.

Yet, Laziou believes the new technology from S2 Communications will help the brand give its customer base the outbound calling solutions they need to strengthen CX consistency.   

Moreover, S2 Communications’ technology assists sales groups in increasing their revenue via the automation of manual sales tasks.   

Also, it aims to bolster agent productivity and deliver an excellent user experience so staff members are happier and more satisfied at work.   

The S2 Communications technology ecosystem also includes a routing system which matches customers to agents based on specific criteria, an intelligent auto-dialler, and a geo-location booking system for in-person meetings.   

Finally, real-time reports and third-party integrations are available for payment systems and e-signature tools.   

Paving the Way for Rapid Growth 

The acquisition of S2 Communications marks Puzzel’s fourth acquisition within three years.  

In 2019, the brand purchased the case management platform Logicalware, and in 2020, it acquired U-WFM for workforce management technology.  

In September 2021, Puzzel expanded its strategic acquisitions by rolling up Vergic, which has enabled the vendor to develop an innovative digital engagement platform.   

Excited to join the rapidly growing Puzzel ecosystem, Morgan Sandberg, CEO of S2 Communications, added:  

Our technologies complement each other perfectly, and our cultures are already one and the same. Both our companies share a Scandinavian heritage that heavily influences the way we think about customer and employee care.

“We’re here to make life easier for contact centre and sales agents so that they feel happier, stay longer with the business and deliver better results.”   

Elsewhere, Puzzel recently launched its smart chatbot and a new set of CCaaS packages.  



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