Top CX Data and Analytics Providers for 2023 

Vendors specializing in data and analytics 

The Top CX Data and Analytics Vendors for 2023
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Last Edited: May 2, 2023

Rebekah Carter

In an age of consistent digital transformation, few resources are more valuable than data. For business leaders, collecting and analyzing the correct data is the key to reducing costs, improving productivity, and unlocking new opportunities. Unfortunately, many organizations have struggled to unlock the value of their data in the past effectively.  

After all, every day, companies, and consumers produce trillions of data points, which would be practically impossible to monitor and review manually. As a result, potentially valuable insights from the modern contact center have often been overlooked.  

Fortunately, leading vendors in the technology space are producing new tools and platforms specifically designed to help more companies leverage their data ecosystems. Today, we’re looking at some of the top companies producing data and analytics solutions for the CX market. 

  • Accenture
  • Deloitte
  • EY
  • KPMG
  • IBM
  • TCS
  • PwC
  • Infosys
  • Capgemini
  • Cognizant
  • Wipro
  • Atos
  • Genpact
  • HCL Technologies
  • Tech Mahindra
  • DXC Technology
  • EPAM


Technology company Accenture offers a wide range of services and solutions to business leaders around the world, ranging from marketing and infrastructure tools to cloud and data management. The company’s data and analytics portfolio is designed to assist businesses in unlocking the value in their data with AI, reporting, and data transformation tools.  

Ranked as a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data and Analytics service providers, Accenture offers everything from data migration services to search and content analytics with natural language processing and Accenture SynOps. Companies can even take advantage of applied intelligence solutions, which embed AI capabilities into their existing tools and platforms.  

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Heavily focused on the data and analytics landscape, Deloitte’s services and products empower companies to learn more about their customers, employees, and processes. Deloitte can assist businesses with everything from auditing data to creating strategies for business growth. As part of a complete collection of data and analytics services, Deloitte offers access to master data management, warehousing and storage, and a data migration engine. 

Companies can also leverage Deloitte’s services to build and refine their own data lakes, develop reports based on crucial metrics and KPIs, and visualize data points with graphs and charts. Deloitte also partners with a range of other consulting and professional firms on specialist services.  

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Otherwise known as Ernst & Young, EY focuses on the areas of technical innovation, artificial intelligence, and data analysis. Offering a wide range of services and solutions to business leaders, EY helps organizations to tap into their dark and disorganized data with powerful analytics, AI and consulting support.  

The services available from EY linked to data and analytics include financial applications processes and analytics, data analytics in tax, forensic and integrity services, and artificial intelligence consulting. EY can also support companies in analyzing the core metrics relevant to their mergers and acquisitions to allow for better partnerships and growth.  

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KPMG is a company focused on the business benefits and potential of analytics. As well as producing useful reports and market research, the company also offers a variety of services, covering everything from auditing and consulting to deal advisory support. Companies interested in data and analytics can leverage KPMG’s expertise to learn more about the value of their data.  

Working with data analysts from the KPMG group, business leaders can use innovative technology to manage everything from data asset organization to data strategy. Companies can also leverage of technology risk management guidance, automation support, technology consulting, and software testing services, all provided by the KPMG team.  

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Technology and software leaders IBM provide companies with numerous analytics tools and solutions to help them unlock the power in their business insights. With IBM technology, companies can access real-time and historical business insights enhanced with artificial intelligence. There are tools available for forecasting and proactive analysis, as well as Business Intelligence platforms like IBM Cognos on offer too.  

IBM’s tools also cover some more niche areas of the data and analytics landscape. There are solutions available for text analysis and data science solutions which leverage automation to help companies minimize risk and fraud and improve their time to market. IBM also offers its own data fabric tools and consulting services for business leaders.  

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Tata Consultancy Services, or TCS, provides end-to-end support and consulting services across the analytics value change. The company specializes in delivering bespoke and customized services to assist with business decision-making. Companies can work with TCS on enterprise data management, managing and disseminating insights for all applications and processes.  

TCS also supports organizations with data integration, reporting, and visualization services, ensuring every company can get a complete and holistic view of business processes. Plus, TCS also offers fully customized or generic services for big data, predictive, and prescriptive analytics, with artificial intelligence capabilities for spotting trends and patterns.  

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Specializing in the world of insights, analytics, and discovery, PwC delivers a host of services and solutions for companies investing in the world of data. The human-led, technology-powered approach taken by PwC ensures companies can customize their service to their specific needs. PwC supports all forms of data challenges, ranging from data governance to migration.  

Companies can leverage the services offered by PwC to assist with data quality management and protection, as well as reporting, visualization, and machine learning. Plus, PwC has its own data intelligence platform offering in the cloud, which can automatically ingest, interpret, and report on a range of unstructured and structured data types.  

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Offering a combination of both professional services and technology for data analytics and reporting, Infosys ensures all companies can leverage the full power of their business insights. One of the core offerings from the company is the Infosys Data and Analytics platform, a modular solution based on open-stack technology which supports companies with everything from data management to AI.  

The platform ensures companies can develop their own enterprise data foundation with unified business semantics, data science experimentation, and analytical tools. Companies can also leverage a range of additional services, from the Infosys Information Grid to self-service data preparation tools.  

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Well-known for their market reports and insights, Capgemini assists companies with services related to the cloud, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and sustainability. The data and analytics services offered by the company are enhanced with artificial intelligence to help businesses pinpoint trends and opportunities in large volumes of information.  

Capgemini specializes in helping organizations with digital transformation strategies, leveraging analytical tools and machine learning. Additionally, the Capgemini Research Institute can work with companies to assess market factors and develop deeper understanding of specific topics. Capgemini’s services are scalable and customizable to suit businesses from all industries.  

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Cognizant is a technology and analytics company that delivers technology solutions and services to growing brands. The business offers a range of dedicated data analytics solutions to companies facing specific use cases. There are even offerings which assist businesses in preserving and ensuring the integrity of their data.  

Cognizant also has its own data modernization platform, which allows companies to collect and curate data from multiple sources, structure information, and even create analytical reports and insights based on the information they collect. Moreover, the company offers a range of data testing services, migration support solutions, and DevOps and DataOps services.  

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Leveraging years of experience in the world of data and analytics, Wipro assists businesses in unlocking insights with artificial intelligence, reporting capabilities and more. The company offers a host of services targeted towards organizations using data and analytics to design new revenue streams and business models while ensuring regulatory compliance.  

Underpinned by technologies such as the Internet of Things, AI, Machine Learning, and the cloud, the company’s solutions help to boost decision-making while enabling new opportunities for automation. Companies can utilize data discovery platforms from Wipro, as well as intelligent planning and modernization services, marketing science labs, and a complete data intelligence suite.

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With solutions covering everything from cyber security to employee experience and customer experience, Atos is a comprehensive technology and service provider. Within the Atos OneCloud platform, companies can leverage tools for collecting and managing data in a unified environment. What’s more, Atos also offers cognitive solutions and data and analytics services to address a range of use cases with AI and automation.  

The core components of Atos’s portfolio include a modern data architecture system to help companies build a strong data foundation, data engineering and management tools, and data governance and quality solutions. There are also end-to-end analytics and insights solutions on offer, with built-in AI and machine learning components.  

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Supporting companies across a range of industries worldwide, NTT Data provides services linked to digital platform transformation, digital operations, consulting, and cybersecurity. For companies in search of ways to unlock the power of data agility, NTT offers specialist services for business and data profiling, data modeling and preparation, operational deployment, and evaluation.  

The service collection includes bespoke services, allowing companies to design a comprehensive analytics strategy with statistical and non-traditional AI and machine learning algorithms. NTT Data can help companies take advantage of computer vision, natural language processing, prescriptive and predictive analytics, and visualization tools.  

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Professional services and consulting company Genpact specializes in solutions for digital transformation. The company has assisted countless brands with improving their customer care strategy, managing financing and accounting, and improving sustainability. The data and analytics services offered by the company help businesses accelerate their journey towards success with AI, machine learning, and consultation from data specialists.  

Solutions include everything from PowerMe, the active metadata platform with automated lineage and data quality capabilities, to the Cora data foundation system. Companies can also unlock specialist analytics suites carefully tailored to their industry, such as insurance analytics, commercial analytics, and financial crime risk management.  

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HCL Technologies 

Digital technology vendors HCLTech, or HCL Technologies, support companies with the development of cloud migration projects, engineering use cases, and strategies to leverage new innovative tools. The company’s data and analytics services are designed to help companies make better decisions based on core metrics from within their organizations.  

Companies can explore a host of data strategy and consulting services, as well as data platform and engineering support. HCL Technologies can also assist organizations with setting up data management strategies, defining data pipelines, and maintaining data and AI governance. Plus, the company offers data science services, too, for building, testing, and scaling intelligent systems.  

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Tech Mahindra 

Combining consulting and specialist services with technology, Tech Mahindra gives companies multiple ways to invest in their analytical landscape. Two of the core solutions offered by the organization include the iDecisions platform and the InfoWise system.  

The iDecisions platform is a modular, technology-agnostic solution which allows businesses to jump-start their analytical journeys with industry-compliant data models. Alternatively, the InfoWise offering is an AI-enabled service which aids with Enterprise BI governance, leveraging cognitive insights and machine learning in a hybrid ecosystem. Companies can combine a range of modular solutions from Tech Mahindra into a complete platform for analysis and data management.  

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DXC Technology 

Committed to serving companies facing the age of digital transformation, DXC is a consulting, analytics, and research company with a variety of services on offer. The DXC Data and Analytics solution portfolio provides business leaders with data-driven insights to help them discover new opportunities and protect existing investments.  

Companies can use an analytics and AI platform created by DXC to track patterns and trends in huge volumes of data, and unlock new opportunities for automation and growth. The company’s analytics platforms can integrate with a wide variety of tools to provide brands with a single source of truth. Plus, DXC also offers services and products connected to data engineering, data science with artificial intelligence, and IoT systems.  

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EPAM combines value-added services, consulting, and training solutions, to support organizations in making the most out of their data landscape. The company specializes in intelligent automation, using insights from business environments to find new opportunities for efficiency. EPAM can also provide companies with access to their own data and analytics platform engineering services, data science consulting, and data technology guidance.  

EPAM’s data experts offer guidance to address a range of use cases, whether businesses are investing in data commercialization, or using data for product engineering. The brand also offers a range of solutions to assist companies in taking advantage of artificial intelligence and machine learning.  

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