Lakeside Software Debuts Prevent for Proactive IT Support

William Smith

Lakeside Prevent helps IT departments with automated self-healing capabilities

Lakeside Software Debuts Prevent for Proactive IT Support

Digital experience management provider Lakeside Software has announced a new proactive IT support solution within its updated Digital Experience Cloud platform. 

Lakeside Prevent provides workflows across every part of the IT support chain, helping departments to automate and reduce the occurrence of repeat issue thanks to self-healing capabilities. 

“Prevent makes the shift from reactive to proactive incident identification and resolution easier by automatically detecting the most severe and widespread issues for IT to focus on,” said Marc Moesse, senior vice president of product, Lakeside Software 

“Prevent’s ability to preemptively conduct focused investigations that rapidly detect and triage the most high-impact problems can significantly decrease support costs and improve overall organizational productivity for today’s modern, hybrid workforces.” 

Lakeside said the new tool builds on its existing AIOps and end-user experience management capabilities, allowing it to offer a proactive services workflow from level 0 to level 3. 

“For us, the future of support is proactive, and we’re transforming our processes, team structures, and tools towards this goal,” said Nathan Herd, senior director of operations, LexisNexis, a customer of Lakeside.

“Lakeside’s solution has helped us accelerate our proactive journey, providing the insights we need to fix problems before they impact productivity. We are excited to see the intuitive incident discovery and resolution workflow within Lakeside Prevent, which will further enable our digital experience support teams to easily identify top problems and opportunities for proactive intervention.” 

Earlier this year, the company debuted its Lakeside Assist help desk solution, boosting efficiency by augmenting the help desk with analytics and automation capabilities. 

Mike Schumacher, CEO and founder of Lakeside Software said at the time: “Helping those professionals on the front-lines of support is paramount to ensuring employees have a superior digital experience. With Assist, L1 service desk teams are empowered to immediately perform rapid root cause analysis and remediation, further enabling IT organisations to proactively act and identify IT performance problems before they escalate.”



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