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Last Edited: May 2, 2023

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Staying one step ahead of the competition in today’s competitive landscape is challenging for any business. To deliver an excellent level of customer service, preserve phenomenal experiences, and enhance team productivity, many companies find themselves searching for extra support.  

Through Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services, organizations can effectively delegate a number of crucial tasks to external providers. These tasks can include everything from managing technical resources, to providing customer support, and even handling administrative processes. As businesses grow more complex, and customer expectations evolve, BPO solutions are becoming increasingly valuable to modern brands.  

Today, the BPO market is expected to generate sales of over $492.65 billion by 2028 alone. The question is, which vendors offer the best BPO solutions for today’s organizations? Today, we’re exploring some of the best BPO providers available for modern brands. 

  • Accenture
  • Genpact
  • Teleperformance
  • Concentrix
  • IBM
  • Wipro
  • EXL Service
  • Infosys
  • MattsenKumar
  • Foundever (Sykes Enterprises)
  • ADP
  • Cognizant
  • Plaxonic Technologies
  • Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)
  • SunTec India
  • OctopusTech Solutions
  • Invensis
  • Ameridial (Fusion Group)
  • Helpware
  • Intetics
  • 1840 & Co


Specializing in information technology services and consulting, Accenture is a Fortune Global 500 company with a strong presence in the BPO market. The company delivers outsourcing support via a community of nearly 200,000 experts, spread across 50 different centers. With Accenture, organizations can leverage support for everything from intelligent finance operations, to sourcing and procurement, supply chain management, and customer service.  

Accenture delivers its BPO services based on a combination of in-depth employee training and the use of leading technologies. Accenture has also invested more than $300 million in developing a human and machine operating engine (SynOps) to enable remote working and create an agile, flexible digital workforce, capable of acting as a resource for other brands.  

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Growing professional services firm, Genpact focuses on assisting businesses in achieving their operational outcomes with a combination of consulting, support, and technical solutions. Named a leader in Insights-Driven BPO, Genpact uses analysis and reporting to assist companies in achieving their goals in a range of different environments.  

The company’s services cover a variety of offerings, from digital services around automation and artificial intelligence, to business customer care support. The company also aids organizations in developing supply chain management techniques, improving sourcing and procurement strategies, and preserving risk and compliance initiatives.  

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Headquartered in France, Teleperformance is an omnichannel services company, focused on assisting companies in the high-tech landscape. With more than 410 thousand employees worldwide, Teleperformance serves organizations in 170 countries, with more than 300 languages and dialects supported between its employees.  

The company offers a range of BPO solutions, including analytics and consulting support for business process optimization, business transformation, and back-office processing. Teleperformance also focuses heavily on BPO solutions for customer service and CX management, assisting brands with video and metaverse customer experiences, and multilingual support. The brand also helps its clients to develop strategies for remote and hybrid work.  

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Specializing in customer experience, Concentrix works to support brands in the design, development, and operation of customer service strategies. Serving a variety of industries, Concentrix offers a range of BPO solutions, including everything from data analytics, to digital engineering, and automation. The company also pursues opportunities in the area of experience design for transforming brands.  

With solutions to help organizations understand the voice of the customer, and develop new strategies for consumer loyalty, Concentrix assists businesses in strengthening their position in the market. They build experience platforms from scratch, and can also help with managing CX strategies, acting as a back-up source of customer service for teams around the globe.  

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Technology innovators IBM offer a combination of services and technologies to transforming companies with a focus on customer experience. The organization’s BPO services revolve around helping companies to rethink and optimize operations throughout the business landscape. IBM can assist brands with intelligent supply chain operations, managed marketing services, and talent and HR recruitment. Plus, the brand also offers solutions for finance management and CX.  

In the CX landscape, IBM focuses on delivering end-to-end contact center capabilities to organizations with the IBM iX service, which spans agent contact centers, digital channels, processes, and journey orchestration, with solutions for automation. The IBM iX offering also provides access to analytics and insights for B2C and B2B sales operations.  

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Multinational corporation Wipro provides information technology, business process, and consulting services to companies worldwide. The brand’s services cover everything from assisting companies in their transition to the cloud, to building cybersecurity strategies, engineering new solutions, and developing modern infrastructure.  

Wipro’s BPO solutions also cover digital marketing, interaction solutions for customers, and experience design. Using intelligent resources and analytics, Wipro assists organizations in developing their points of differentiation with customer experience and service. The company can also aid growing companies in the management of various back-end operations. Wipro also delivers strategies for business operations, and data operations insights as a service.  

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EXL Service 

IT service management company EXL Service supports companies in making sense of their data, and initiating strategies to drive business processes forward. The organization specializes in the use of data-led projects for business growth. Companies can work with EXL Service to unlock insights from company analytics, and discover patterns in their resources.  

At EXL, the BPO teams on offer can also help brands with the development of new business models, go-to-market strategies, and customer service solutions. EXL supports clients in developing analytical campaigns, artificial intelligence, and cloud technologies at scale. What’s more, the team can also take on customer experience management on the behalf of businesses, delivering both human resources, and technical solutions in the form of virtual assistants. 

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With a strong focus on the customer experience landscape, Infosys has developed both platform tools and services to drive organizations towards their CX and digital transformation goals. The core BPO services offered by Infosys come from the Infosys BPM team, which works with organizations to develop digital frameworks for design-led customer experiences.  

The brand can work with organizations to help them leverage new technologies, such as artificial intelligence and automation, to unlock new levels of performance. What’s more, the company also offers training and support to new team members within the businesses it serves. Infosys’ services include comprehensive customer service outsourcing, to assist teams in reaching SLAs.  

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Serving call centers and ecommerce brands, MattsenKumar, or “MK”, handles everything from back office processes to direct customer service. The company’s service portfolio includes call center outsourcing for managing inbound and outbound call requirements, as well as professional services for back office operations and ecommerce management.  

With MK QualityNext, companies can take advantage of traditional quality assurance solutions, and analytics-driven insights to ensure compliance and excellent customer support. MK also supports its clients in reducing risks, improving agent performance, and streamlining processes with automation. The company even handles social media monitoring, interaction and speech analytics. 

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Foundever (Sykes Enterprises) 

Part of the Sitel Group, Sykes Enterprises, otherwise known as Foundever is a BPO company focused on customer service and experience. With over 170,000 associates across the globe, the brand delivers customer experiences to 9 million people daily, in more than 60 languages across 45 countries. The CX-focused services address all aspects of the customer journey, from acquiring leads to ensuring customer retention.  

The highly certified brand supports CX delivery with rightshoring solutions, work at home, and hybrid operations. Companies can access customer service professionals around the globe to expand their CX team, and also turn to Foundever for back-office support. The brand’s teams work across every channel, and share data with business leaders for ongoing growth. 

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Automatic Data Processing, or ADP is an American provider of HR solutions and services. The company specializes in business process outsourcing services linked to the human resources landscape. They assist companies with finding new talent for the customer service team, delivering training, and tracking things like payroll, time management, and attendance.  

Aside from assisting brands in finding the correct talent for their teams, ADP also provides guidance on compliance strategies, helping organizations to reduce the risks in the workforce. The brand also has its own app marketplace, where team leaders can find solutions capable of improving workflows with automations, analytics, and artificial intelligence.  

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Leveraging the IT-BPO combined model, Cognizant supports businesses in pursuing digital transformation efforts, and streamlining operations. The company utilizes technologies like automation and artificial intelligence, combining them with industry-specific process expertise to ensure companies can adapt to a changing marketplace.  

Featured services offered by the brand include Cognizant Neuro, a solution for companies looking to take advantage of automation for business efficiency, and omnichannel customer care support. The customer care solutions offered by the organization help companies to connect with clients across channels, improve employee impact, and authenticate interactions for compliance purposes. Predictive analytics services are also included for business planning purposes.  

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Plaxonic Technologies 

Plaxonic Technologies is a company which offers a combination of technology solutions and support services to companies exploring the world of digital transformation. The brand specializes in helping organizations with the development of solutions to improve community connections and company culture. Services offered by the company range from agile and DevOps development strategies, to support with digital commerce and process automation.  

The business can help companies to transition into the cloud with new technologies, take advantage of intelligent analytics, and leverage tools for compliance and security management. They also assist with the development and management of omnichannel customer service, and have their own platform for handling customer interactions.  

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Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) 

Otherwise known as TCS, Tata Consultancy Services is a sustainability focused BPO solution provider. The organization serves companies in a variety of different industries, with custom-made solutions for transitioning into the cloud, leveraging cognitive business operations, and managing cyber security strategies.  

Alongside products and platforms for customer experience and business management, TCS focuses heavily on consulting. The brand helps business leaders to develop interactive experiences for customers, while taking advantage of new enterprise solutions for growth. Companies can also utilize the technology tools from TCS, which come in the form of modular, plug-and-play offerings for customer service and experience.  

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SunTec India 

Global IT outsourcing service provider, SunTec India has a growing presence in more than 50 countries worldwide. With thousands of full-time employees, SunTec promises brands access to intelligent support for various back-end operations and customer-facing strategies. The organization is ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified, for peace of mind.  

SunTec’s services in the BPO landscape include options such as data management, for companies looking to track patterns through the customer lifecycle, to ecommerce management and publishing solutions. SunTec can also assist its clients in the creation of custom web applications and mobile tools, photo editing, and digital marketing strategies.  

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OctopusTech Solutions 

Focused on the customer experience landscape, OctopusTech is a group of service providers and outsourcing experts committed to helping organizations manage their call center operations. The team offers creative solutions to partners around the world, to help them differentiate on the basis of customer service.  

The broad range of services offered by OctopusTech include everything from web design and development to ecommerce store creation. The brand can also help organizations to create their own virtual assistants for customer service management, and deliver contact center support across highly regulated industries. The CX services cover both voice support, with inbound and outbound calling solutions, and non-voice support via chat and email.  

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Global business outsourcing company Invensis is HIPAA compliant, and has achieved numerous certifications for its approach to data protection. The brand specializes in the development of end-to-end BPO solutions, addressing the financial and accounting landscape, as well as ecommerce support, and IT services for growing business leaders.  

As part of its solutions portfolio, Invensis offers outsourced call center management. The brand can handle everything from inbound call center process to outbound strategies such as market research and subscription renewal services. Invensis also offers teams capable of dealing with customer care across multiple channels, customer acquisition, and order management, as well as technical help.  

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Ameridial (Fusion Group) 

Now part of the Fusion Group community, Ameridial combines technology with human support to deliver customer experience across the omnichannel landscape. The organization can assist its clients with the development of strategies for Robotic Process Automation, and workforce management, as well as work-from-home hybrid team solutions.  

Fusion’s customer service outsourcing solutions cover omnichannel interactions across voice, video and chat, with quality assurance monitoring built-in, and behind-the-scenes analytics. Companies can work with the business to create multilingual customer care campaigns, with right shoring support designed to deliver a local experience in countries across the globe.  

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Defined as a digitally-enabled people as a service provider, Helpware focuses on serving high-growth companies, particularly in the technology sector. The brand specializes in various areas of customer service and digital transformation. Clients can leverage Helpware support in the creation of artificial intelligence bots and machine learning algorithms.  

Helpware also offers back-office support for dealing with transactions and day-to-day processes. Plus, the company also delivers customer experience solutions which span across multiple channels, with call center solutions, answering services, chat, technical, and email support. Brands can also leverage taskware solutions from Helpware when building automated technologies for verification and moderation.  

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IT outsourcing company based in America, Intetics has software development centers and BPO solutions on offer around the globe. The company specializes in the development of new tools for companies investing in digital transformation, with on-staff engineers capable of creating applications, platforms, and resources for brands.  

The organization also offers human-led service support for companies in need of assistance with managing back-end financial and administrative tasks, and forward-facing customer support. Companies can leverage Intetics expertise to manage business productivity and efficiency, improve employee experience, and streamline processes with automated workflows.  

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1840 & Co 

Promising access to vetted experts around the globe, Eighteen 4orty, or 1840 & Co is a business which helps organizations to find, hire, and pay remote talent and teams across 150 countries. The brand specializes in assisting businesses in expanding their talent pool when dealing with peaks in customer demand and new projects.  

The 1840 & Co BPO solution providers can deliver support in multiple languages across various channels. All of the employees are trained to the highest standards, and the company also offers businesses the freedom to leverage elastic scalability for all of their services.  

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