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Customer Experience is now the most critical consideration for any brand. It doesn’t matter how affordable your products are, or how innovative your services could be. Your customers won’t consider your company if you can’t promise amazing experiences.

Customer expectations are now higher than ever, but 93% of professionals believe that access to the right technology could bridge the experience gap.  Studies from Twilio indicate that people receive around 63.5 notifications per day, not to mention endless emails, texts, and phone calls. When the time comes to reach out to your business for solutions to a problem, your clients want real, valuable conversations.

Over the years, UC Today has emerged as your one-stop solution for insights into unified communications. Now we believe it’s time to deliver the same solution for CX.

Introducing the arrival of CX Today.

What to Expect from CX Today

CX Today is our new website dedicated to all things customer experience. Just as you turn to UC Today for insights into unified communication, collaboration, and beyond, you can rely on CX today for a complete guide to customer-focused solutions.

Though most companies understand how valuable customer experience is to their chances of success, business and consumer demands are evolving at an incredible pace. The technology and platforms we use are changing, and the contact centre decision-making process is transforming too.

Throughout the year, CX Today will deliver everything you need to know about the CX space, covering essential topics like:

Customer experience: Contact centre, CRM and collaboration

Intelligence: Big data, analytics, and artificial intelligence

People: Management, strategy, and best practices

We’ll be keeping you up-to-date with marketplace news, customer stories, best practice guides, event coverage, and exclusive analytics, insights, and strategies too. We’ll also be hosting amazing annual activities which you can learn more about in our media kit.

If you’re a brand in the CX tech arena and you want to get involved, you can reach out and request a copy of our media kit now!

The Ultimate CX Resource

Just like with UC Today, CX Today will focus on critical topics for each month of the year, delivering unique insights for your team. In January, we’ll be starting with a strong focus on the Remote CX strategy and working from home. In February, we’ll move onto the topic of unifying digital and voice interactions. Contact our news desk to learn more about what’s to coming up this year.

We’ve been overwhelmed and humbled over the years by the incredible response that our fans have had to UC Today, and we believe that there’s endless room for growth. We hope to become the source you can trust for all things “customer experience”, whether you’re shopping for a new contact centre solution, or you need to learn about analytics for your transforming engagement strategy.

CX Today will launch at our free-to-attend Customer Experience event in 2021. Check out the sign-up page and register today to learn more about this new opportunity.

We can’t wait for you to join us on this new journey into the world of CX.


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