7 Text Analytics Tools to Boost Your Company Data Offering

Rebekah Carter

Top text analytics companies to explore

7 Text Analytics Tools to Boost Your Company Data Offering

Data is the most important asset for any business. Through the analysis of sentiment, customer trends, business processes and more, you can pave the way to more informed brand decisions. One way to effectively leverage data today is through the use of text analytics.  

Text analysis converts volumes of unstructured data into a format suitable for analysis. Effective text analytics solutions can offer insights into everything from customer expectations to frequently asked questions capable of reducing your chance of sales.  

Here are some of the top text analytics companies worth considering if you want to leverage the power of text data in 2021.  


Promising deep insights into your customer and marketplace, SetuServ is a leading analytics solution ideal for powering product development, marketing, and sales strategies. For customer service and reputation management, SetuServe can easily aggregate customer feedback across all channels, offering a better view of the issues teams need to address first. You can even compare your customer’s sentiment towards your brand with the feelings they have about your competitors. 

QWAM Text Analytics 

QWAM Text Analytics is an AI-focused solution which makes it possible for companies to process and analyse large amounts of information fast. You can use the service to gather and evaluate sales, market, and business intelligence in multiple areas. Features include in-depth analysis of customer surveys, online reputation management, and media and content editing suggestions. The extraction engine, discovery engine and screening module give you complete control over your data. 

Microsoft Azure 

Microsoft Azure is one of the most powerful cloud environments in the world. Alongside a range of other cutting-edge services, the Azure platform offers in-depth text analytics and text mining. Within the Azure environment, companies can uncover useful insights into customer sentiment, key phrases, and trending topics. Robust language detection and broad entity extraction makes collecting information simple. Flexible deployment means you can also run your analytics wherever you choose. 


A modern experience management software solution, Wootric is an all-in-one offering for collecting, analysing, and using customer feedback. The service allows businesses to collect valuable insights from multiple feedback sources, complete with text analytics. The result of an investment in Wootric is a better, more aligned view of your customer’s interactions with your brand. You also get a fantastic dashboard where you can see visual representations of your data. 


MeaningCloud is a comprehensive text analytics tool that helps companies to collect information from social media, news headlines, call transcriptions, video subtitles and countless other locations. By gathering and aligning unstructured data, MeaningCloud makes it easier to start analysing topics, trends, and sentiment fast. You can also access the Meaningcloud API to bring the technology into your chosen applications.  

Genesys Intelligent Detection 

Genesys Text Analytics, powered by Intelligent Detection, removes the confusion and complexity from the business/customer relationship. Business leaders can more easily analyse and track content in real-time, while getting a better view of client sentiment and intent. The analysis system works within the Genesys cloud, offering informative insights into conversations with customers and clients from different environments.  

Lexalytics (Semantria) 

The Lexalytics intelligence platform is a data tracking and processing solution with natural language processing and people insights. You can use the service on-premises, in the cloud, or within a web-based platform, with tons of access to native processing in over 20 different languages, and visualisation for reports. Analytics the voice of your customer, combine insights from different environments, and use AI-aided recommendations to strengthen your team.  


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