Speechmatics: Contact Centers Look to AI for Better CX

Moshe Beauford

New Speechmatics report points to AI for sound CX

Speechmatics: Contact Centers Look to AI for Better CX

You can attribute the rapid pace at which we develop contact center technology to a lot of things. One of the most crucial is developing consumer expectations. There are also several fundamental ways contact center technology has transformed the way customers and agents interact. This includes omnichannel experiences and AI speech technology that can help enhance CX.

Enterprises and contact centers even reap the benefits of AI-powered systems, thanks to the availability of low-cost cloud infrastructure. Contact centers, today, rely on mission-critical services to meet these customer demands, often in the form of cloud-based systems that extend flexibility and agility. Looking toward 2020, more and more contact centers are using speech-to-text-recognition technology.

This shift makes a lot of sense, as machine learning offers something worthwhile, the chance to gain insights, hidden in past and present interactions with customers. In doing this, contact center management can understand where to enhance CX. And they can do so in real-time. By turning speech into text, agents can analyze audio content to detect mood, tone, and customer sentiment, too.

Contact Centers Look Toward Artificial Intelligence

There’s more nuance, of course, including compliance, quality management, and event reconstruction, something Speechmatics tackles with its powerful cloud-based AI solution. They recently released a report that presents a fresh outlook on the state of speech-to-text recognition.

In the report, Speechmatics gathered data from enterprise executives across the UK, US, and Europe to get their take on speech-to-text technology. I recently sat down with Alex Fleming, Product Marketing Manager, Speechmatics, who shared some of the report’s key findings. Among those findings, ‘voice data enable more efficient operations.’

“By unlocking untouched voice data from calls, contact center agents can identify how they resolved issues in the past”

This kind of real-time customer service fine-tuning is only possible because of the powerful nature of AI-powered technology, I must add. “In doing so, they can improve future customer journies and reduce interaction times,” Fleming continued.

Diving into the Report

This is a beefy report, so I will do my best to sum it up. Among the survey’s respondents, 91 percent said capturing voice data would be valuable to their organization. Ninety-five percent said data privacy also mattered a lot. The remaining five percent shared, it mattered a little.

While another 82 percent of contact centers have either adopted or currently considering a voice strategy in the next five years, a whopping 100 percent of respondents said since they adopted speech technology, they’ve experienced a return on their investment. The full report has a lot of other useful insights that contact centers might enjoy, so I encourage you to check it out.

What is clear from the report, is that speech technology is up-and-coming, and recent data from Gartner suggests this, too. According to Gartner, by the end of 2019, 50 percent of all enterprises will redirect investments into CX. This creates the perfect environment for Speechmatics, and its AI speech technology developed to enhance CX to thrive.

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