CallMiner: The Evolution of Conversation Analytics

Maya Middlemiss

Reflecting on AI and understanding conversations at scale

CallMiner: The Evolution of Conversation Analytics

It’s an understatement to say that technology has advanced dramatically over the past nearly two decades. For CallMiner, that change has been rooted in the shift from supporting contact centre efficiency to driving true business performance improvement. 

At its founding, the company was focused on helping contact centres handle customer questions and concerns, provide better customer experiences, improve agent performance, and more. But over time, and as the scope of customer conversations expanded from voice to digital, CallMiner realised those conversations could do more than just improve the contact centre — they contained the insights to drive improved sales, better target marketing messages, create higher value products, increase employee engagement and drive stellar financial results.

As CMO Eric Williamson shared, the evolution of both the industry and CallMiner as a company made it the right time for a brand and messaging refresh. The updates ensure CallMiner’s current offering and core value proposition are aligned — insights that come from deeply understanding customer conversations can unlock transformational business change. 

From analysing speech to understanding conversations at scale

“The capabilities of the artificial intelligence available to us today means we can analyse every aspect of millions of customer interactions,” he said. And in such a rapidly developing space, “the reality of what we’re offering and what the platform can offer inevitably came to outpace how we were articulating our positioning to the world, both in messaging but also in look and feel.”

As Williamson explained, “At CallMiner, we expanded our capture and analysis function beyond speech years ago to address the omnichannel nature of how customers engage with brands. It’s no longer just voice conversations. Organisations are having conversations with their customers via chat, video, email, social media and more.”

 “We also believe that those same conversations contain the keys to unlock value throughout the enterprise. Our new messaging reflects the business performance improvement benefits that CallMiner delivers to our clients.”

Those clients include world-leading brands across a wide range of verticals and industries including Dell, SiriusXM, Wayfair, Santander, British Gas and more.

The vital intelligence that CallMiner delivers stems from the way the company’s platform leverages AI to deduce intent, sentiment and meaning from such data – going way beyond recognising words and phrases to parse context, nuance and trends at unparalleled depth. This deep understanding means businesses can truly understand what’s going on throughout customer conversations at scale. 

Remaining focused on the human at the heart of the interaction — what they say and how they say it — can yield transformational business intelligence and predictive insight, driving improvement and competitive differentiation right across the enterprise.

Conversation analytics drives business insight

“When you have millions of hours of calls and text to analyse, different stakeholders will find different kinds of qualitative value,” Williamson explained. “You can surface the critical feedback that is relevant to different areas of the business. For example, product executives could uncover necessary updates or UX concerns, which could have legal or usability implications. The CMO can visualise that data in specific ways as it relates to competitive messaging and the CFO could uncover issues with billing or renewals… it’s all held within customer conversations.”

The potential comes from being able to analyse the data and gain deep customer insights, such as changes from shifts in user preference to unexpected marketing opportunities. For key verticals and segments, like B2B sales, healthcare and financial services, acting on these insights delivers true business improvement. 

The ability to zoom from the 50,000ft trend identification perspective down to the individual conversation, which offers nuggets of insight that unlocks the possibility of transformational change – from a new product line to an underserved market – can only be done via advanced machine learning and AI. 

This advanced technology helps users uncover trends and themes that couldn’t be identified otherwise, helping to drive action at each point of strategic decision-making. From patient experience in healthcare to ensuring compliance in regulated industries like financial services, the power of conversation analytics means that business strategy is driven by customer insights – and ensures alignment between actions and goals and ROI, for all clients and partners.

As Williamson concluded, “Organisations have only just started to realise the untapped value of capturing and analysing customer conversations. With the right tools, business leaders can unlock insights and uncover opportunities to drive business transformation and growth.”

For CallMiner, this next stage is about more than just a new logo — it represents a greenfield opportunity to deliver a powerful conversation analytics platform that empowers organisations to drive business improvement in the contact centre and enterprise-wide. 



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