Ways AI Unifies, Connects and Personalises CX  

Three ways augmented agents can boost your business  

Ways AI Unifies, Connects and Personalises CX  

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a powerful tool. It can perform extensive human labour tasksprovides next generation disaster response and even tells us what the weather will be like the following week. It’s an incredible tool that aids our everyday lives. It also eliminates the need for human agents in a workforce to perform mundane tasks, such as manually dialling, answering first calls and undertaking customer security checks in contact centres. 

But there’s more AI can do to help contact centres and their agents in delivering top-notch CX. Below are some examples.  

Unifying Customers and Agents  

Linking the right enquiry to the right agent has become the role of automation. Augmented agents react to a customer query and direct the call to the best-suited agent. It allows for a first-time right culture to be rife within a company, leading to customer satisfaction, employee wellbeing and consumer loyalty. But there are other ways AI helps unify customers and live agents. Machine-learning algorithms are used to identify disengaged customer segments that are about to churn or leave for a competitor. AI-powered tools in this category can help gather data, build a predictive model, and test and validate that model on real customers. That information can indicate what stage of churning the person is in. 

Connecting a Workforce  

In having augmented agents to shepherd the right query to the right call handler, it allows for business to employee an array of workers each possessing a different skill set. Some agents will take on the more challenging customer enquiries, while others may be better suited in a sales role. Other may enjoy resolving complaints while a separate team could be responsible for collecting customer data. This manner of working creates more of a community environment and helps better connect a workforce. Agents can support one another while also leaning on AI to guide them throughout their job role.  

Personalises CX 

The effect of AI directing calls to a specific type of live agent means that the CX is personalised. Personalisation of CX is highly important and stems from the company acquiring correct and proper feedback, enabling the business to grow and develop while weeding out nags along the way. But hyper-personalisation comes from the customer data and extracting information from not only calls but any customer correspondence, to garner exactly what they’re looking for in terms of consumerism and effective CX 


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