5 Examples of Contact Center AI in Action

Real-World Examples of Contact Center Transformation with AI

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Published: June 26, 2024

Rebekah Carter

Artificial intelligence has become one of the most valuable tools for today’s business leaders. With advanced algorithms and systems, companies can enhance productivity and efficiency, reduce operational costs, and even improve customer satisfaction.

In fact, 71% of experts believe AI will significantly enhance customer experiences, by enabling everything from enhanced personalization, to predictive customer care. Some innovative organizations are already leveraging the benefits of AI for their CX strategy.

Today, we’re sharing five amazing case studies from real businesses that have implemented cutting-edge AI tools to transform their CX efforts.

1.    Standard Focus Unlocks the Power of Real-Time Insights

Leading fulfillment BPO, Standard Focus didn’t just want to improve customer experiences, it wanted to eliminate the common reasons clients might need to contact its customer service team in the first place. The innovative organization knew that its customers often operated in fast-paced environments, where even the slightest delay or disruption could be extremely costly.

It decided to implement a new strategy, intended to help customers resolve issues themselves, before an agent was necessary. However, to accomplish this, it needed an in-depth insight into the challenges and roadblocks consumers faced. Leveraging the AI capabilities in Avaya’s Experience Platform, Standard Focus was able to build on its existing insights into its chat interactions with real-time speech recognition and advanced data analytics.

Now, the company can tap into every media stream, analyze discussions, and rapidly pinpoint consumer pain points, enabling a proactive approach to customer care. This data-driven and AI-powered process has led to a 50% increase in contact center efficiency, a 50% decrease in call handling time, and a call abandonment rate of under 1%.

2.    Dubai Electricity and Water Authority Future-Proofs CX

The Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) has partnered with Avaya on it’s customer service and support strategy for some time now. Avaya’s unique ecosystem of customer service tools has allowed DEWA to create a customer care center that acts as an “integrated digital interactive hub”. Here, customers can access a range of services through an AI-powered IVR system, 24/7.

Implementing AI into its IVR system, and customer experience strategy, empowers the organization to deliver consistent, personalized, and efficient service. In fact, the Customer Care Center was named one of the top three Dubai government call centers by the Dubai Model Center.

Today, the group’s focus on delivering innovative and streamlined customer service is continuing to drive evolution within the team. DEWA has developed the “DEWAverse” platform in the Metaverse, enabling customers to communicate with customer care staff in real-time and complete transactions in the metaverse. With AI, and a robust omnichannel approach, DEWA is setting a new standard for customer care in its industry.

3.    Dubai Economy & Tourism Transforms Customer Experience

The Dubai Department of Economy and Tourism (DET) embraced artificial intelligence as part of its strategy for creating a platform that would streamline the creation of business licenses. This initiative, implemented with the help of Avaya, represents a crucial step towards achieving the goals of the Dubai Economic Agenda, to double the size of Dubai’s economy in the next decade.

The platform leverages AI to solve the most common pain points in the business license application journey, enhancing the interactions between customers and DET advisors across multiple channels. It features an intelligent chatbot, enhanced by a knowledge management system, to give users self-service tools to automate common service requests.

Avaya is also enabling access to a full suite of AI-enabled analytics tools for DET, which will help the group identify issues in the customer journey, and take a proactive approach to resolving them. The group believes this intelligent approach will help not only enhance the experiences of existing clients and business leaders, but also accelerate the evolution of Dubai’s economy.

4.    Florius Strengthens Employee and Customer Experience

Leading Netherlands-based mortgage lender, Florius, wanted a way to both enhance employee productivity, and improve the customer experience with its AI strategy. As it shifted into a new era of hybrid work, the company adopted Avaya’s OneCloud technology.

The Automated Quality Management capabilities of the solution, integrated with Florius’ business applications, is giving remote employees the tools they need to personalize and optimize interactions with real-time, AI-powered speech analytics.

Using Avaya’s solution, Florius can monitor 100% of their customer calls, and provide hybrid and remote workers with real-time guidance on the next best action. The solution is even integrated with Florius’ CRM technology, broadening the view the company has of the customer journey, and unlocking additional insights for agents.

Florius believes this AI innovation will deliver additional value to customers, while enhancing the performance and efficiency of its teams, regardless of their location.

5.    A Leading Bank Takes its Next Steps Towards AI Evolution

A large, publicly listed bank has recently built on its strategy for consistent customer experience innovation, by implementing AI-powered technologies into the heart of its customer experience strategy. With support from Avaya, the bank is leveraging in-depth customer care and speech analytical tools, for behind-the-scenes insights into new ways to enhance customer journeys.

With these intelligent technologies, the firm has been able to strengthen its approach to customer service, by automating manual processes, and increasing issue resolution rates. What’s more, Avaya’s flexible solutions have ensured the bank can continue to use its existing critical technologies, maintain high compliance standards, and preserve security.

Avaya’s contact center solutions and AI innovations have empowered this company to not only access more omnichannel and digital channels for customer service, but also unlock the full value of their existing investments in customer experience. Going forward, the firm plans to leverage additional AI tools to further build on the benefits its seeing from AI-enhanced quality management, speech analytics, and agent training solutions.

Unlocking the Future of CX with AI

For many companies embracing the digital transformation of the contact center, artificial intelligence represents a critical technology. The right solutions can empower companies to unlock deeper insights into their target audience, enhance proactive service strategies, and improve workplace efficiencies.

However, implementing AI correctly requires a strategic approach. Avaya’s flexible technology, ready to integrate with existing customer service solutions and business tools, gives companies a convenient way to move into the AI-powered era.

The case studies above demonstrate how Avaya is supporting businesses of all sizes and industries, in their quest for a more intelligent approach to customer support.

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