Fuze Embraces New Skills-Based Routing Patent

Introducing new ways to empower the workforce

Fuze Embraces New Skills-Based Routing Patent

In a world where experience is at the heart of every essential business decision, vendors from all backgrounds are looking for unique ways to enhance both agent and customer interactions alike. Fuze, one of the leading providers of global collaboration and cloud communication software solutions, recently announced that it had been awarded a new patent. The patent is for an advanced machine learning algorithm that applies the technology of skills-based routing to internal employee groups.

This machine learning solution from Fuze will allow the company to identify the most relevant and knowledgeable resources for employees in search of assistance. By making sure that team members can get the specialist support they need as quickly as possible, Fuze hopes to improve workplace engagement and productivity levels.

Reimagining the User Experience


Colin Doherty

As a company committed to collaboration and communication excellence, Fuze is well-known for a platform that offers seamless transitions between content sharing, messaging, voice, and video. The Fuze collaboration suite empowers today’s digital workforce to engage with their team members wherever they are, and whenever they choose. The newly awarded patent will allow Fuze to embed advanced technology into its collaboration offering, for an even more immersive UC&C experience.

According to the CEO of Fuze, Colin Doherty, the trend for digital transformation in the current business landscape means that companies are beginning to reconsider the needs of the modern workforce. Just as today’s consumers will always prefer having the opportunity to communicate with representatives who have the knowledge that best fits their requirements, agents need the same level of support. Fuze believes that there is a demand for machine learning tools that can internally route skills-based queries to the staff member with the most subject-matter expert.

The new patent awarded to Fuze will validate the company’s continued investment into innovating in the enterprise and delivering advanced experiences for both customers and employees alike. Fuze will be using the technology to bridge the gaps in user knowledge that commonly lead to hurdles in the workplace.

Improving the Modern Collaboration Environment

Fuze hopes that its new patent will allow it to empower its customers with new ways of efficient and effective collaboration. The patent was officially awarded to Fuze by the US Patent and Trademark Office recently. The innovation covers methodologies and systems that map topic-focused conversations to specific user knowledge scores.

The patent covers Fuze’s approach to developing a generative model for connecting employees by identifying the keywords and phrases in communications sent via instant message, emails, text, videos, and phone calls. Users will be able to approve the skills assigned to them before they are recorded for the network.


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