How AI will Elevate Operational Efficiency by 25% 

Artificial Intelligence Enhances CX

How AI will Elevate Operational Efficiency by 25%
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Published: December 15, 2020

Rebekah Carter

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most powerful tools in the current landscape for businesses in search of better productivity and efficiency. Not only do the right AI solutions help us to get a better insight into company and customer data, but they can also streamline the everyday processes in the customer experience landscape too.  

According to leading analysts, Gartner, by 2025 customer service organisations with access to AI solutions in multi-channel platforms for customer engagement will see a 25% boost in operational efficiency. Gartner notes that crucially, the most valuable AI for operational efficiency is likely to be “conversational AI” which reshapes the customer experience in a variety of ways.  

How AI Affects Operational Efficiency 

So, how does AI really influence operational efficiency? Firstly, Gartner says that more routine customer touchpoints can be automated with conversational AI platforms. These chatbots and self-service agents can handle the more repetitive questions and concerns that customers have, without imposing on an agent’s precious time. The result is that more employees have time to engage in value-adding activities that support better customer outcomes.  

Additionally, the move to an artificial intelligence solution in the customer experience landscape also helps to improve the way that companies deal with service requests. For instance, agents in a contact centre might be able to access digital assistants that can automatically pop-up information about a customer as soon as they answer a support call.  

Virtual agents in the contact centre can also automate things like collecting information from a conversation and transcribing it in a way that’s both compliant and secure. This makes it easier to collect important data about the customer journey that can guide agents towards best-practice steps for a better overall experience.  

Teams could even use virtual agents to access information quickly and conveniently about a product or service when answering client questions.  

Bringing AI into the Customer Care Environment 

AI has the power to change the way that we think about customer experience and support in the modern landscape. However, it’s important to remember that not all AI solutions will be as effective as others. The right AI systems need to be able to collect information from customers and for agents, without seeming overly “robotic”. Today’s consumers are in search of conversational interactions, no matter whether they’re interacting with a real person or a bot.  

Additionally, the tools available for improving operational efficiency need to be easy to use for agents, so that they feel comfortable embedding them into their daily operations. If your agents don’t feel confident accessing AI solutions, then they won’t get the attention or opportunities they deserve.  

On top of all that, implementing AI solutions into the customer service operations of everyday companies also means thinking carefully about things like how you’re going to gather information from customers in a way that’s compliant with the latest rules and regulations, and how any data that’s used to feed your AI systems will be organised and stored.  

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