Metrigy’s Top Drivers for AI Spend in CX Revealed

Carly Read
Senior Reporter

42% of companies are using AI for customer engagements and 29% planning to  

Metrigy’s Top Drivers for AI Spend in CX Revealed

Metrigy has published research that has revealed more than 42% of companies are using AI for customer engagements, with another 29% planning on doing so by the end of 2022.  

In their report, Achieving the Next Phase of Client Engagement, the research reveals the reasons behind businesses choosing to adopt conversational AI solutions. 

Up to 48.1% are doing so to improve customer ratings, while 46.3% are doing so to boost the agent experience. In addition, 43% are doing so to increase sales, 40.1% to increase their customer base and 39.7% are doing so to achieve better organisation for their companies.  

Interestingly, 33% are adopting AI to achieve a more personalised CX offering, 30.2% are doing so to reduce CX operational costs, 27.9% are to reduce customer churn and finally, 22.6% to cut down on agent turnover.  

And when it comes to the state of deployment of AI solutions in CX, 42.3% of businesses are using it in 2021 while 57.7% are not.  

The report adds: “Beyond the core engagement environment, successful organisations are investing in AI to optimise analytics, improve workflows, and increase experience personalisation.  

“Integrated search and AI functions enable workspace participants to easily find information across all project-related functions, while AI-enabled analytics provide the opportunity to see interrelations between projects, for example all projects related to a single customer or partner, or sub-projects that are part of a larger engagement.” 

The study also goes on to explain the value of digital customer engagement.  

Investments in digitisation can help to achieve the following:  

  • Drive additional revenue by creating enhanced customer engagement experiences, leading to improve retention and upsell opportunities  
  • Reduce costs by eliminating application redundancies and process inefficiencies and by leveraging automation  
  • Improve productivity by reducing the need for those responsible for customer experience to work across disjointed applications  
  • Automate workflows to reduce repetitive tasks 

It also adds that just 38% of companies are investing in automation technologies to boost customer engagement. 40% are not using them and 32% are planning to.  

The study continues: “Automation of repeatable client engagement activities will help streamline current processes by removing potential for error, and by reducing time required both begin and manage engagements.  

“Today, just 38% of companies are investing in automation technologies to improve engagement with their clients and customers, meaning that the rest are missing out on quantifiable benefits from leveraging automation to improve repeatable client engagements.” 



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