Poly Voyager 6200 Review: Older Flagship, Still Going Strong

How does Voyager 6200 stack up under the new Poly rebrand?

Poly Voyager 6200 Review
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Published: September 23, 2021

Anwesha Roy - UC Today

Anwesha Roy

About the Company

Poly has been in the business of making headsets since the 1960s and has managed to stay ahead of the curve all through its 70+ years of existence. From the merger of erstwhile Polycom and another market leader Plantronics, was born the new brand Poly – the contact centre headset provider of choice for 90% of Fortune 500s.  

In 2018, Plantronics introduced Voyager 6200 UC, as part of its flagship Voyager line of enterprise headsets. The neckband design with Bluetooth connectivity and active noise cancellation promised to transform the calling experience for next-gen contact centres. At the time of its launch, we looked at how the Voyager 6200 provides solid value even at a higher markup, shipping with plenty of accessories and even a carrying case.   

So, how does Voyager 6200 stack up under the new Poly rebrand? Let’s find out.  

Inside Poly Voyager 6200

Launched at €279.95/£249.95, placing it squarely in the mid-tier-to-premium segment, it is now available for $173.99/£194.99. But you still get the Voyager 6200’s original feature-packed capabilities, which take on a whole new dimension in a world of remote work.  

Audio quality  

As mentioned, the headset is ANC compatible and uses a low latency codec for stellar audio transmission. It also ships with the company’s very own SoundGuard DIGITAL technology for hearing protection, minimising the risk of exposing your agents to sudden increases in signal levels, and average daily noise exposure beyond 85dBA. 

Wireless connectivity and freedom of movement  

When working from home headsets are likely to double up as both calling and audio listening devices. Voyager 6200 UC’s battery is well-equipped to handle both use cases, providing up to 16 hours of listening time, and 9 hours of talk time. You can keep it on standby for an incredible 14 days, and it takes just 1.5 hours to reach full charge. In terms of mobility, you can walk up to 30 metres away from the parent device, with your headset on and still not lose connectivity. Its 56 grams-light form factor adds to your freedom of movement.  

UC app compatibility  

Voyager 6200 UC initially launched with Skype for Business certification, which has been upgraded to Microsoft Teams certification since then.  It also works with Cisco Jabber and other platforms, depending on your UC needs.

Value-added capabilities  

Voyager 6200 ships with a number of features to make your life easier. There are voice alerts for mute and connection status or to remind you of the low battery. The neckband will vibrate when you get an incoming call. Its four omnidirectional microphones use Plantronics’ “clear talk technology” to prevent the expected mic boom.  

Why Poly Voyager 6200 Makes a Difference

The headset is thoughtfully designed for pro-users – for example, you can switch from stereo to mono sound by simply dropping an earbud. It even pairs with 8 devices (2 concurrently).  

What We Think

In 2021, Poly Voyager 6200 UC offers a stellar value proposition at a now-optimised cost. For pro-users looking to graduate to the flagship segment (particularly if you’re on Teams), this is an excellent entry point.  


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