Qollective.CX: A Platform That Transforms How Companies Implement AI for Customer Experience Transformation

A revered partner of Google Cloud has launched Qollective.CX , which offers a different approach to virtual agent deployments

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Qollective.CX: A Platform That Transforms How Companies Implement AI for Customer Experience Transformation
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Published: January 27, 2023

Charlie Mitchell

Conversational AI vendor Quantiphi recently launched a first-of-its-kind “AI-first Total Experience Transformation platform.”  

The “Qollective.CX” solution boosts the productivity of contact centers through AI, while reducing operating expenses by approximately 40 percent – according to Quantiphi. 

Clients can either choose the turnkey Qollective.CX suite or pick and choose from five separate modules. These aim to plug gaps in the contact center environment, maximize the potential of conversational AI deployments, and enhance total experience 

Such AI deployments include customer-facing virtual agents, assistive AI for human agents, analytics to draw insight from automated conversations. These insights enable continuous improvement, ensuring the AI grows smarter over time.  

Quantiphi – Google Cloud’s Breakthrough Partner for the Year 2021 – built each module for legacy and cloud contact centers, ensuring that on-premise operations can also benefit from bots.  

Moreover, with Qollective.CX serving many sectors, each module is customized to a specific industry, including healthcare, banking, insurance, the public sector, education, telecoms, and retail.  

These are available to Avaya, Cisco, Genesys, NICE, and UJET customers. 

To find out more, check out the video below (and read on!).

The Five Modules of Qollective.CX

The conversational AI at the heart of Qollective.CX supports 500+ industry-specific intents.  

As such, Qollective.CX opens up several opportunities for contact automation with its five foundational elements. The following image highlights these, and the description below further explores the finer details.  

The Five Modules of Qollective.CX

  1. The Intent Warehouse

At the heart of Qollective.CX lies the “Intent Warehouse”, which houses industry-curated intents, virtual agents, and pre-trained personas. 

Examples of the latter include PAM, a post-procedure healthcare assistant for providers, and IBA, an intelligent banking assistant for account management. These allow businesses to deploy virtual assistants within days, not months or years.  

  1. GateQeeper 

GateQeeper connects contact center softwares with AI. It provides a secure voice gateway for a SIP to internet protocol (HTTPS) conversion so that customers & callers can interact with virtual agents seamlessly and organizations can avoid infrastructure changes or updates which can be quite cost intensive.     

  1. Qompositor 

Businesses often rely on multiple tools to capture customer information.  Qompositor is a low code / no code platform that integrates different tools that organizations use such as CRM, ERP, and document management systems, among others with the virtual agent.  

Qompositor enables data to flow to and from the virtual agent, sparing businesses from writing elaborate code to integrate or converge their systems.      

  1. Qinsights 

Qinsights offers a customizable analytics dashboard to deliver actionable insights. To do so, it keeps track of various customer, employee, and business metrics.  

Moreover, these metrics vary across sectors, helping businesses delve deeper into conversational trends, visualize the results, and optimize the total experience.    

  1. sQrutinizer

sQrutinizer listens to various interactions, observes findings from Qinsights, and proactively suggests ways to enhance customer experiences.   

Many organizations hire quality analysts to accomplish this task, scouring through mounds of data to spot improvement opportunities. sQrutinizer automates the entire process.    

How These Modules Work Together to Support Total Experience Transformation

Qollective.CX assists end-to-end customer journey transformation projects by making AI more accessible and easier to implement.  

Consider the following journey, where a customer sees an offer on social media and attempts to redeem it.   

How These Modules Work Together to Support Total Experience Transformation

Unfortunately, the offer does not appear on their account when they checkout. As such, they call customer service for assistance.  

However, the agent finds no trace of the offer after digging into their account, leaving the customer to search the internet for an alternative discount or give up.  

Such an example is not unfamiliar, yet with a better understanding of the customer journey, intent, and automation, it becomes much smoother.   

Enter Qollective.CX. The graphic below shows how it transforms the experience.   

Qollective graphic

In this journey, when the customer clicks on an offer, they may ask questions to a virtual agent sitting on the webpage, trained to resolve such queries.  

The virtual agent then fetches information and escalates to a live agent if/when necessary.  

Afterwards, the live agent can track the customer’s web journey and give the customer what they want. The human agent also has full context of the customer’s journey, thanks to DesQtop, and AI assisted responses  they can use to directly address the customer’s query. 

Meanwhile, Qinsights and sQrutinizer monitor the entire process, passing on information to improve the process further – i.e., giving the customer an add-on they didn’t know they wanted.  

What Differentiates Qollective.CX?

Qollective.CX brings together all the different stakeholders and systems that are essential for an AI-first total experience transformation and creates one ecosystem. This can help customers boost productivity and reduce operating expenses by 40 percent – according to Quantiphi.

With the ideal environment, businesses may access Qollective.CX’s extensive intent warehouse, which sits within its core conversational AI engine. The warehouse reduces the effort it takes to deploy virtual agents from months to days.   

Moreover, the solution integrates into any environment, requiring little-to-no upgrades or additional change management.   

That is quite a value proposition, yet perhaps its most significant differentiator is supporting contact centers to prime their environments for conversational AI. The GateQeeper and Qompositor modules are particularly helpful here.  

Additionally, the cost-savings are also noticeable, with AI-driven interactions costing only 25 cents per session, as compared to human agent interactions which can cost close to $3-4 per interaction – according to Quantiphi. 

Qollective.CX’s Business Solutions

AI transformation projects often boil down to an anemic version of the original intent, as system limitations, developer availability, and costs spiral out of control.  

Yet, Qollective.CX feeds businesses low-hanging fruit use cases, aiming to make AI much easier to implement, including virtual agents, automation, and conversational analytics.  

In doing so, it enables end-to-end AI transformation at a rate of knots, even in legacy contact centers, which often struggle to innovate fast.   

Moreover, Qollective.CX offers an attractive first step into the cloud, as businesses can keep much of their workloads on-premise and switch to a hybrid environment.    

According to a recent Harris Poll survey, 77 percent of enterprises have adopted a hybrid cloud for their organizations, highlighting how such environments are likely in the future.   

Also, Qollective.CX supports faster transformation thanks to low-code tools, enabling faster deployment and easier systems integration.   

Yet, one final challenge – which businesses often discover too late – is that virtual agents can negatively influence agent morale.  

After all, by taking away the transactional queries, agents must deal with a slew of complex contacts.   

Thankfully, Qinsights allows businesses to monitor the agent experience and act when sentiment dips. The conversational AI engine also facilitates agent-assist deployment, offering another support mechanism to improve employee experiences.     

Final Thoughts

Supplementing the contact center ecosystem, Qollective.CX helps businesses prime their environments to extract more value from conversational AI.   

In addition, Quantiphi owns the IP, allowing the vendor to develop long-term relationships with customers – offering consultative services alongside the technology.   

The vendor has tailored services, alongside its turnkey technology, to boost contact center productivity and cut operational costs.  

As a result, businesses may enhance the total experience, pushing customer, employee, and business outcomes forward – with the support of Google Cloud’s Breakthrough Partner of the Year. 

Interested to learn more about Qollective.CX? Visit: https://qollective.quantiphi.com/



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