Top CX Vendors Majoring in Utilities in 2022

Vendors innovating for CX in the utility sector

Top CX Vendors Majoring in Utilities in 2022
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Published: December 7, 2022

Rebekah Carter

For years, the utility sector has struggled to keep up with the expectations of increasingly discerning customers. As a result, around 34% of utilities customers in the UK regularly switch to different providers whenever they have an opportunity. This has led to a low level of customer and brand loyalty among major market vendors.

To both survive and thrive in this complex landscape, particularly in an age where cost of living crises and similar economic events are leading to massive disruption, companies need to evolve. More than ever, utilities brands are finding new ways of innovating on excellent experiences for their audience.

Fortunately, there are a number of vendors in the CCaaS, analytics, and customer experience space delivering phenomenal tools for modern brands. Here are some of the major CX vendors helping utilities companies to evolve this year.


A leader in the contact centre and customer experience landscape, Genesys has been named a leader in the CCaaS environment by Gartner 8 times. The company produces flexible communication and customer service solutions designed to scale and adapt to suit any business. With Genesys, companies can build powerful ecosystems for managing customer queries, and calls.

The Genesys portfolio includes a phenomenal cloud-based contact centre, complete with access to innovative tools for AI, self-service, and analytics. The solution prioritises personalised experiences across a range of inbound and outbound platforms. Plus, it comes with access to workforce engagement management tools, and automatic call distribution facilities.


One of the better-known names in the modern communication landscape, Avaya offers companies a range of ways to unlock internal and external communication innovations. The Avaya ecosystem comes with flexible access to a range of crucial collaboration and CX tools, such as the “OneCloud” Total Experience platform, designed for modern brands.

With Avaya, business leaders can build an omnichannel and intelligent contact centre, capable of integrating with a range of third-party tools and solutions. The technology allows businesses to develop effortless experiences for both customers and agents alike, complete with access to various self-service tools, automation features, and AI solutions.


A market leader in the rapidly converging worlds of CCaaS and UCaaS, RingCentral delivers a phenomenal range of tools for today’s Utilities companies. The CCaaS environment offered by the brand focuses on elevating both customer and agent experiences, with efficient, seamless, and flexible technology, capable of integrating with a range of other tools.

The RingCentral ecosystem makes it easy to solve customer issues quickly using AI-enhanced tools that work on any channel, anywhere. The company supports digital interactions across a range of channels, and provides companies with behind-the-scenes insights into customer journeys, to help with data-driven decision making. The tools are also secure, reliable, and compliant with the latest industry standards.

Content Guru

Offering excellent scalability and limitless integrations, Content Guru has rapidly become a market leader in the CX environment. With phenomenal reliability, the storm contact centre provides businesses in the Utilities sector with all of the insights they need to make data-driven decisions and changes. The modular ecosystem can even integrate with existing on-premises offerings, so companies can migrate to the cloud at their own pace.

With Content Guru, companies gain access not just to a powerful contact centre environment, but also a range of tools for managing and supporting employees from various backgrounds. There are workforce engagement tools, built-in analytics, and customisable dashboards. Plus, companies can also leverage valuable collaboration tools for team members.


One of the world’s leading providers of customer relationship management tools, Salesforce is best-known for its ability to deliver meaningful insights to companies from a range of backgrounds. A huge variety of innovative tools makes it easier for business leaders to manage everything from exceptional customer service to meaningful reports and insights.

With Salesforce, brands in the utilities sector can get a comprehensive view of the customer journey, and how their teams can influence the decisions made by clients. Additionally, the ecosystem integrates well with a range of tools for workforce management and contact centre functionality. Not to mention, Salesforce offers some of the most impressive intelligent analytics and self-service solutions around for growing brands.


One of the most reliable and well-known vendors in the communication market, Cisco offers a range of next-generation tools and solutions to growing businesses. The Webex Contact Centre, for instance, provides organisations from the utilities landscape with a way to build digital-first customer journeys across a range of channels. There’s even a Webex Experience Management solution for collecting insights from customers.

The intuitive Cisco environment also comes with a host of ways for business leaders to manage and engage their employees, regardless of where they are. Team members can access personalised desktop experiences, with real-time insights into customers and their specific needs. Plus, there are various tools for synchronising online teams with access to collaboration features and components.


One of the top vendors in the world for workforce management and engagement, Calabrio is a powerful tool for Utilities companies looking to digitally transform. The range of valuable solutions from the company make it easier to enhance agent engagement, boost efficiency, and educate staff members with meaningful insights.

With Calabrio, companies gain access to a range of quality management and workforce management tools, within a comprehensive cloud environment. Business leaders can leverage insights into both their companies and their customers with AI-enhanced analytics and reports. There are also tools for automating workflows, so staff members can perform as efficiently as possible in a challenging environment. Calabrio ONE is particularly valuable for all-in-one analytics and workforce management functionality.


Committed to delivering simple and effective customer experiences, Five9 offers a wide range of contact centre solutions to Utilities brands. The intelligent cloud contact centre enables team members to interact with customers across a range of channels, allowing for excellent engagement opportunities. What’s more, with Five9, companies gain behind-the-scenes views of the customer and employee journey, for excellent optimisation.

Practical AI solutions built into the Five9 ecosystem are particularly useful to Utilities companies looking to empower and enable their customers with self-service solutions. Plus, the Five9 environment is designed for reliability, making sure brands can get the most out of their contact centre with access to consistently strong connections.




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