UJET Introduces Chat, Text & Feedback Features

Rebekah Carter

New customer support solutions from UJET

UJET Introduces Chat, Text & Feedback Features

UJET, a company committed to transforming the customer experience with multi-channel solutions, recently announced a range of new enhancements to their system. The UJET customer support platform leverages everything from intelligent automation to smartphone technology. Going forward, the upgrades to the solution will allow UJET customers to access a range of new capabilities. Features include wait time text prompts, customisable reporting and surveys, inactive chat identification, local agent adapters, and an optimised mobile application SDK.

With new functionality and features to enjoy, UJET is helping agents and customers to share more critical information, configure their security settings for personalized experiences, and gather enhanced feedback.

The Latest Features from UJET

According to the Head of Product for UJET, Joerg Habermeier, the “most crucial battle for brand and competitive advantage” relies on the ability to deliver next-level customer support. The UJET team continues to enhance the platform with this knowledge, unlocking new solutions for experience.

The latest announcements from UJET are designed to underscore their commitment to delivering the most innovative and pioneering strategies for functionality and features – set to optimise the customer experience and the employee experience too.

The updated capabilities in the UJET platform include:

  • Inactive end-user chat: This feature supports admins and agents in customising the amount of time they remain on the line without receiving a response. Admins can configure times based on agent efficiency and experience. Unresponsive chats remain idle until the customer comes back
  • Wait time text prompts: As users wait to connect to an agent, they can send information relating to their call before it begins. Through the mobile phone texting app, customers can also send contextual information and images relevant to the call. The Wait Time Text Prompt feature is the first of its kind in the industry
  • Customisable surveys: Companies will now be able to tailor survey questions for things like Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Customer Satisfaction on each channel. These customised surveys will lead to helpful feedback to deliver better all-around experiences across touchpoints
  • Local agent adapter: UJET users will now be equipped to launch and develop their global customer base and workforce with the new localised agent adapter. The service makes it easier for agents and admins to work in the language that they prefer, which makes supporting global teams a breeze. UJET has also added Finnish, Danish, Spanish and Norwegian into the system. There are 16 language options in total
  • Enhanced reporting: Going forward, organisations using UJET will be able to create customised reports which turn insightful data into actionable information. A real-time dashboard for monitoring notifications and alerts is included, along with historical reporting for data which can be analysed, accessed, and shared with ease
  • Optimised mobile SDKs: The updated and optimised mobile SDK tracks bandwidth, connectivity, and signal conditions, automatically falling back to regular phone calls if the conditions aren’t efficient enough for high-quality conversations. The SDK has also reduced in size by over 35% and is delivered via Jitpack for Android and Carthage for iOS


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