UJET Unveils Next-Gen Virtual Agent Solutions

Rebekah Carter

Introducing less Robotic AI interactions

UJET Unveils Next-Gen Virtual Agent Solutions

Cloud contact centre platform provider for customer-centric enterprise environments, UJET, recently announced the arrival of its new Virtual Agent solution. This offering, powered by a sophisticated next-gen customer experience platform, and artificial intelligence, significantly improves the customer experience. UJET virtual agent will allow businesses to leverage prior interactions for the delivery of more effective ways to assist customers.

Businesses are already turning to conversational AI to create more memorable customer experiences and offer 24/7 service. According to Gartner, by 2025, customer service organizations with AI in their engagement platforms will increase operational efficiency by 25%.

Recent studies from UJET and Canam Research also found that around 50% of respondents are planning on implementing chatbots into the contact centre in the next 12 months. Most professionals are turning to AI to remove repetitive tasks (48%) and improve customer experience (46%).

A New Generation of Customer Experience

According to Principal Analyst and VP of Contact Centre and Customer Experience Management for Aberdeen, Omer Minkara, demand for intelligence is growing in the contact centre. However, while the positive changes are happening, the experience for customers is still fragmented. With functionality like intelligent routing and multiple virtual agents to explore, UJET takes a modern and flexible approach to transforming customer experiences.

The Virtual Agent from UJET provides complete conversational AI support that gathers intent and helps to resolve issues faster. The solution empowers both contact centre agents and customers through next-generation assistance tools. Features include:

  • Intelligent routing: Real-time data and historical information determines whether a query goes to a human or virtual agent. Customer record, intent, and journey are all considered, and human agents get full context whenever a conversation is passed to them, even if it’s mid-way through an interaction with a virtual agent
  • Generalists or Specialist agents: Contact centres can add multiple agents to the support experience, providing flexibility for more accurate conversations, reduced maintenance, and better virtual agents. You can configure your virtual agents for general interactions, and fine tune them to handle various responsibilities
  • Natural Language Processing: Users can read, decipher, and understand the intent of customers, and the issue in question through human-like interactions. With UJET technology, you can leverage sentiment and context to escalate an issue appropriately

Less Robotic Interactions

The rising adoption of conversational AI combined with the shift towards more digital customers is pushing a new style of customer service. CEO and Founder of UJET, Anand Janefalkar, says that the Virtual Agent from UJET showcases the company’s customer-centric approach to providing cutting-edge innovations that deliver a better bottom-line for the contact centre, and better outcomes for customers.


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