Why Network Matters In Customer Experience

Uncover how network providers can transform customer experiences inside and outside the contact center

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Why Network Matters In Customer Experience
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Published: November 16, 2022

Charlie Mitchell

Network speed is the focus when journalists discuss each iteration of wireless communications, from 3G to 4G, then 4G to 5G. As such, the jump often comes through the lens of how long it will take to download a song, movie, or various other media.

Yet, in terms of customer experience, this is not merely a jump; it’s a giant leap.

First, by reducing dropouts, businesses can secure communications and open doors for providing next-level service. Consider a use case that connects paramedics with a remote doctor who can now control instruments tied back to the hospital from within their ambulance – that is next-level communications.

Next, think about fan experiences. Ever tried to connect to 4G in a football stadium or at a concert venue? It is often impossible due to congestion caused by so many users in a confined space.  Yet, with 5G devices, the network extends far beyond speed and into the realm of innovation and opportunity.

Understanding the breadth of possibility, Verizon has teamed up with Genesys – a CCaaS market leader, according to the 2022 Gartner Magic Quadrant – and together, they are transforming the contact center operations of today into the customer experiences of tomorrow.

How Networks Enhance Contact Center Experiences

The most obvious way that an advanced network connection can improve contact center performance is by ensuring high-quality voice experiences.

Of course, this enables a better initial experience for the customer, thanks to enhanced audio quality. Yet, clearer audio recordings also allow the contact center to glean more data from speech analytics and gain insights to help improve future experiences.

Indeed, businesses can have more confidence in sentiment, intent, and predictive analytics activities that support internal improvement and broader CX design strategies.

Voice biometrics and bot initiatives also benefit from clear audio, while heightened network connectivity also supports operations in designing, configuring, and deploying conversational AI.

Verizon’s approach, which provides the underlying transport network to the Genesys Cloud CX platform, enables such connectivity with an experienced team supporting the customer throughout the migration process and beyond.

Moreover, Verizon can help scale network access based on business needs and seasonal trends.

Improved reporting is another benefit of this approach, which Clifford Cibelli, Manager of CX Product Marketing at Verizon, pinpoints when stating:

Integrating contact center dashboards with network traffic information offers a holistic view of what is happening prior to a call getting to your platform as well as the platform’s productivity.

Finally, consider how contact centers harness communications tools, outside of core telephony. Unified communications and collaboration solutions are now commonplace, extending the contact center beyond its conventional boundaries.

By ensuring such tools integrate with a 5G network, agents can seamlessly tap into external expertise to deliver expert service experiences.

Network-Driven Engagement Beyond the Contact Center

There are many other ways in which Verizon and Genesys can improve contact center performance. For instance, Verizon’s layered security options reduce risks and enable reliable interactions. The graphic below showcases this, alongside many other use cases.

Verizon and Genesys drive customer engagement

Yet, it also suggests other ways a network can drive customer engagement outside the contact center.

Indeed, Genesys offers a predictive online engagement solution to support commerce journeys. With 5G, AI innovations within these journeys will work seamlessly. It may even facilitate shopping without smartphones as customers may use home appliances instead.

Verizon also enables brands to incorporate augmented and virtual reality into these journeys, carrying more data to enable immersive experiences without inconsistencies.

In line with this theme, video-from-anywhere strategies come to life with a better network, ensuring customers can reach out from almost any location or device.

While video is a core part of Genesys Cloud CX, AR and VR may require integrations. Fortunately, Genesys offers an extensive application marketplace (AppFoundry) to streamline the process. As Cibelli says:

Our professional services team helps redefine the customer journey and provide the migration from an existing environment to a new solution… and App Foundry adds additional pieces that can help elevate transactions and outcomes.

These additional pieces may include IoT applications, authentication solutions, remote assistance tools, and more. Each can reinvent the customer experience and transform enterprise digitization with a reliable network.

After all, business communication is no longer all about phone circuits. Flexible and wireless is the future. Recognizing this, Verizon and Genesys are striving to change how businesses manage communications and reimagine experiences.

Partner With Verizon and Genesys to Simplify your CX

Verizon is different from other network providers, which primarily focus on building hardware for mobile services. Instead, Verizon thinks about how businesses can harness the value of CCaaS to deliver increased value to their customers.

Its partnership with Genesys exemplifies this. Not only does Verizon offer a tremendous base for innovation, but it supports customers by significantly reducing the number of vendors needed to deliver CX, simplifying your vendor environment.

For instance, Verizon offers one number for support, no matter if the issue relates to the contact center platform, network, or third-party application. So, when something goes wrong, there is no need for finger-pointing between vendors. Instead, a Verizon expert can help to immediately solve the problem.

This close relationship offers many more benefits to customers across the globe. Master sales agreements to lower procurement complexities and reduced vendor counts are further excellent examples. ​

Check out the joint Verizon and Genesys website to learn more.




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