Alvaria Speech and Text Analytics Review

Understand customer sentiment like never before

Alvaria Speech and Text Analytics Review
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Published: November 29, 2021

Rebekah Carter

Now more than ever, companies are recognising the importance of really listening to their target audience. We know the only way to compete in an increasingly cluttered marketplace is to deliver exceptional customer service. To ensure higher levels of customer satisfaction, however, we first need to understand what our audience is thinking and feeling.  

Engagement analytics tools like speech and text analytics give brands the freedom to read between the lines of conversations with customers. Solutions like Alvaria Engagement Analytics pulls valuable insights from audio and written text to provide overviews of quality, customer satisfaction, and performance through multiple communication channels. 

Today, we’re going to be exploring what companies can do with the power of speech and text analytics from Alvaria.  

Alvaria Speech and Text Analytics Review: Features 

Speech and text analytics technology builds on the growing importance of interaction recording in the CX landscape. For years, we’ve been recording interactions for compliance and training purposes. Now, we’re using the data moving through the contact centre every day in a different way – to better understand our customers.  

Since customers are now interacting with their favourite brands through multiple channels, it’s not enough to simply have technology capable of understanding human speech, or written text. Brands need an end-to-end way of surfacing insights into customer sentiment and operational efficiency. That’s where tools like Alvaria Engagement analytics come in. Features include: 

  • Full transcription with LVCSR technology 
  • Contextual insights and reduced ambiguity in word recognition 
  • Ultra-fast search functionality within transcripts 
  • Organic trend discovery to identify key issues 
  • Recognition of language patterns 
  • Automated identification of important topics 
  • Cluster analysis 
  • Built-in redaction capabilities for PCI compliance 
  • Intuitive user interface with simple data search 
  • Seamless integration with SaaS tools 

Ready to deploy into the contact centre and customer communication tools your company’s already using, Alvaria Engagement Analytics promises a new way to understand your target audience. The cloud-based ecosystem integrates seamlessly with your existing back-end system to give you a more comprehensive view of your business and its day-to-day interactions.  

Alvaria Speech and Text Analytics Review: Benefits 

Speech and text analytics tools are an essential investment for companies looking to benefit from bringing more of the voice of the customer into their decision-making processes. With intelligent tools, like the Engagement Analytics system from Alvaria, it’s possible for companies to do a lot more than simply spot areas where communication quality might be dropping.  

Engagement Analytics dive beneath the surface of your daily interactions to determine what companies really need to do to provide the satisfying and memorable experiences their audiences are looking for. Some of the significant benefits of Alvaria speech and text analytics include: 

  • Comprehensive LVCSR Technology: Alvaria leverages Large Vocabulary Continuous Speech Recognition, or “LVCSR” technology for deeper, more accurate insights. The intuitive technology can establish context in conversations and reduce the risk of ambiguity in word discovery. This state-of-the-art technology improves recognition accuracy when assessing speech patterns and leads to faster searches than phonetic alternatives
  • Automatic trend detection: The comprehensive transcription services available through Alvaria’s LVCSR system makes it simple to identify key issues analysts might not otherwise know to search for. For instance, you can recognise language patterns, automate the identification of important topics, and apply cluster analysis with ease. Companies can finally get more insights out of their day-to-day data
  • Better compliance: Aside from extending your quality management process and giving you a better view of the omnichannel customer journey, Alvaria engagement analytics also helps with compliance when it comes to recording interactions. The built-in automatic redaction feature allows you to remove information from your recordings which might not be suitable for PCI purposes
  • Easy to Use: Alvaria makes accessing the benefits of end-to-end customer interaction analytics easier for any business. The highly intuitive user interface simplifies the process of understanding automated and manual data searches, to ensure you get only the most valuable insights into your business operations. You can even conduct searches into your preserved information up to 100x faster than other providers
  • Seamless SaaS Integration: With Alvaria, you can easily deploy your technology in the cloud and integrate it with back-end systems, for a more comprehensive view of your technology. This makes it easier to obtain a complete 360-degree picture of all the fraudulent activity happening in your ecosystem too, which is ideal for companies in search of better risk protection

Who Needs Alvaria Speech and Text Analytics? 

Alvaria Speech and Text analytics technology ensures today’s businesses can collect more information about the security, performance, and meaning behind customer interactions. Through easy-to-use and reliable text and speech analysis, you can discover the secret to delighting your customers, and ensuring long-term brand loyalty.  

The highly intuitive user interface is great for companies without experience using data analysis for customer experience. It’s also worth noting that the seamless SaaS integration functionality opens up a range of great use cases, like being able to use the technology for 360-degree risk tracking.  

Alvaria Speech and Text Analytics Review: Verdict 

Customer experience will continue to be the most important differentiator for all businesses in the years ahead, particularly now that the pandemic has pushed clients to think carefully about who they purchase from. Alvaria speech and text analytics can help businesses get an edge on the competition, by providing a behind-the-scenes insight into what really drives valuable conversations for their business.  

The intuitive LVCSR technology means you can collect insights with more depth and context than you usually would with standard phonetic systems. Additionally, extra features like a built-in redaction capability, and ultra-fast searching make the analytics system a delight to use for any company. If you’re keen to see what’s really going on behind the scenes in your business, the Alvaria engagement analytics technology could be a valuable investment for you.  




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