An Overview of Adobe Customer Journey Analytics 

Providing business leaders with the insights they need to transform business operations

An Overview of Adobe Customer Journey Analytics 
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Last Edited: March 16, 2023

Rebekah Carter

Analytics are one of the most valuable tools in the customer service landscape. They provide businesses with insights into everything from the customer journey and experience to the performance levels of their staff. The more data a company has to work with, the better it’ll be able to make intelligent decisions about CX, growth, and innovation.  

Fortunately, tools have emerged in the current landscape to assist business leaders with collecting the most insightful data possible from their customers. Adobe, best known for its impact on the software landscape, introduced “Customer Journey Analytics” as part of its comprehensive Adobe Experience Platform. This analytics tool allows companies to tap into data taken from the Adobe Experience Platform to help drive informed CX strategies.  

Here’s what companies can expect from the Adobe Customer Journey Analytics tool. 

What is Adobe Customer Journey Analytics? 

Adobe Customer Journey Analytics is an analysis tool which allows companies to leverage data from the Experience Platform database, managed by Adobe. The comprehensive tool can break down, filter, and query millions of data points using the Experience Data Model.  

With Adobe Customer Journey Analytics, business leaders can input information from across all of their engagement platforms into a single environment. The omnichannel data from each platform can then be standardized and connected to map out a complete customer journey. The Experience Query Services also allow businesses to use SQL frameworks and tools to manipulate data. 

For business leaders, Adobe Customer Journey Analytics provides a unique opportunity to examine the standard customer interaction map from start to finish. By mapping the customer journey across multiple omnichannel platforms, companies can build more effective service strategies. 

What Can Adobe Customer Journey Analytics Do? 

The Customer Journey Analytics platform was designed to give business leaders the insights they need to transform business operations. With this technology, organizational leaders can effectively connect every customer touchpoint and visualize journeys in real time. These maps can then be used to give employees insights into how they can build better overall experiences.  

The Customer Journey Analytics platform supports streaming real-time data for up-to-the-minute views of customer behaviours and interactions. The fully correlated data inputted into the system provides users comprehensive breakdowns of any data element across channels without producing SQL statements. Additionally, business leaders can link IDs across various devices and channels for a single profile.  

The core pillars of the Adobe Customer Journey Analytics Platform include: 

  • Identity: With the Adobe Customer Journey Analytics platform, users can collect and normalize omnichannel information, including operational transactional, and behavioral data, to create a single profile to guide customer service agents.  
  • Analysis: The end-to-end mapping solution allows companies to explore the core components of a customer journey in full context, to discover complete cross-channel insights in real time. Users can see the customer journey in context, and view unlimited variables and events.  
  • First-party data collection: With the Adobe Experience platform, users can access full cookie-less strategies for assessing customer experiences with first-party information. Additionally, they can ensure they remain compliant with a data governance framework.  
  • Flexibility: Adobe’s platform isn’t constrained to any specific limitations and can leverage data from across multiple platforms. Users can also alter historical data for validity and accuracy. And data sets can have an unlimited number of dimensions and metrics.  
  • Personalization: The real-time processing of information in the customer service landscape, combined with Adobe’s approach to privacy governance and activation, ensures businesses can rapidly deliver unique experiences at scale.  

Use Cases for the Customer Journey Analytics Platform 

According to Adobe, its Customer Journey Analytics Platform expands the scope of the broader Adobe Analytics suite to provide users with more valuable insights for customer service. The initial release of the service includes many of the features of the “Analysis Workspace” provided by Adobe, alongside a wide range of tools for boosting data management in the CX environment.  

Adobe notes the Journey Analytics platform delivers useful insights for every team member, from marketers looking to understand customer responses to promotion to product managers and data analysts. With this ecosystem, companies can: 

  • Explore contextual customer journeys: Business leaders can view each step of the customer journey and see data represented sequentially across multiple channels. Data from contact centres, POS solutions, and other online environments can be combined into a singular view for everyone on the team.  
  • Democratize data access: Rather than making data available only to the analysts in the team, business leaders can use the Adobe suite to create more accessible visual reports. Anyone in the organization with responsibility for any aspect of the customer experience can make decisions faster and more effectively based on more comprehensive insights.  
  • Interact with data sets: Organizations leveraging the Adobe platform can use any dataset taken from the Adobe Experience platform for more on-demand analysis and reporting without damaging compliance.  
  • Improve data analysis: For data scientists, the Customer Journey Analytics platform provides access to deep and meaningful insights. At the same time, everyday users can leverage sophisticated tools to understand key customer experience points. 
  • Leverage non-web data: The Analytics workspace connected with the Customer Journey Analytics platform is no longer limited to rigid definitions. Business leaders can maintain control over all data and definitions with custom schemas.  
  • Exert control over data manipulation: Adobe’s Customer Journey Analytics platform is flexible and versatile. Users can change uploaded data, create data sets to import into their ecosystem, and leverage solutions for querying, transforming and extracting data.  

Who Can Leverage the Customer Journey Analytics Tool? 

The Adobe Customer Journey Analytics platform is available to access today for any organization with a contract with Adobe Analytics. Users will need either a Select, Prime or Ultimate plan with access to the Customer Journey Analytics platform. Additionally, businesses will need to ensure they have been provisioned for the Adobe Experience Platform.  

The solution can also be purchased as a standalone product without purchasing Adobe Analytics.  



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