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NICE routing with AI sentiment data

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Published: March 4, 2020

Rebekah Carter

World-leading provider of cloud and on-premise software solutions for the enterprise, NICE, recently announced a new upgrade to the CXone experience. Nice’s CXone solution will integrate sentiment analysis data on top of intelligent routing, driven by AI. This allows for a hyper-personalised experience for both employees and customers.

By adding AI-driven sentiment analysis from Nexidia to the Predictive Behavioural routing strategy, CXone can now factor in things like customer preferences, as well as personality, when connecting customers and employees in real-time situations. The Nexidia analytics solutions now also integrate AI-enhanced routing information on top of sentiment analysis data, for seamless support of analytics that boost business decision making. The resulting technology leads to a massive improvement in things like Net Promotor Score and CSAT.

Leading the Way in Customer Satisfaction

The new NICE solution for predictive behavioural routing highlights the company’s continued commitment to leadership in the Contact Centre as a Service environment and analytics space. The new integration intends to redefine the personalisation environment, driving more transformations in customer experiences.

According to research from Chief Analyst at Saddletree Research, Paul Stockford, around 93% of contact centres say that personalisation in CX is important. However, 95% of contact centres aren’t personalising their interactions using an intelligent routing solution. Stockford’s research indicates that the demands of today’s customers require businesses to show a level of personalisation that cannot be satisfied by traditional routing.

One of the most accurate methods of measuring customer satisfaction and predicting NPS for every interaction is with sentiment analysis data. Fortunately, CXone can seamlessly implement sentiment analysis data from Nexidia analytics in real-time. This ensures that customer preferences are always considered when matching employees with customers. Nice’s customers will also benefit from instant improvements to their CSAT thanks to operationalised sentiment data with AI powered routing.

Perfecting Personalised CX

Barry Cooper
Barry Cooper

The new upgrade will allow organisations to enhance employee engagement, improve their CSAT scores, and deliver experiences that truly resonate with customers.

According to the President at the NICE Enterprise Group, Barry Cooper, redefining personalisation allows businesses to differentiate themselves in the modern market. The new solution will allow companies to drive more engaging connections that excite customers and delight employees. The new announcement allows companies to deliver customer experience transformation within their business using AI to match the ideal agent with the right customer, based on preference and personality.

Predictive behavioural routing can deliver results regardless of the telephony platform or existing ACD of a business.



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