Ribbon and Amazon Join Forces on Better Calls

Rebekah Carter

Delivering real-time recording and analytics

Ribbon and Amazon Join Forces on Better Calls

Leading provider of communication software solutions, Ribbon Communications, have announced an expanded relationship with Amazon Web Services. The updated partnership will simplify the process of streaming VoIP audio through an Amazon Chime Voice Connector, using SIP recording.

Ribbon’s state-of-the-art Session Border Controller solution with SIP recording capabilities will now come with access to Amazon Chime Voice Connector with an updated solution for AWS customers. The solution will forward audio streams into the AWS environment for real-time analytics. Ribbon stands out as a Select Partner in the AWS Partner Network environment. This means that the SBC software edition from Ribbon is available as part of AWS Quick Start and AWS Marketplace.

Additionally, in March last year (2019) Ribbon revealed that its SBC software edition was ready to work with Amazon’s Chime Voice Connector solution.

Updated Call Opportunities

The Amazon Chime Voice Connector is a service that allows enterprises to migrate their telephone workloads into the AWS environment. Professionals in the IT landscape can use the Amazon Chime Voice Connector to access low-cost SIP trunking with cloud-based and on-premises phone systems. Amazon’s Voice Connector supports access to outbound calling, inbound calling, and both. Additionally, developers can build PSTN calling into their own applications using the Chime SDK offering too.

Enterprises that once had to deploy and integrate expensive analytics software and hardware into their environments on-premise can use the Amazon Chime Voice Connector and SIP recording streaming feature to receive audio from contact centre and on-premises PBX for applications like sentiment analysis and transcription.

According to the General Manager of Amazon Chime at AWS, Sid Rao, customers for Amazon say that the traditional approach to verifying compliance regarding financial transactions is often conducted over the phone. This involves having samples of recorded calls, and it’s often an expensive process. Amazon is thrilled to be working with Ribbon to enable clients to use Session Border Controllers with the SIP recording feature from Amazon Chime Voice Connector, along with Amazon Transcribe. The offering will deliver a real-time automated solution to analyse calls and deliver compliance.

Building on a Strong Relationship

Tony Scarfo

Tony Scarfo

According to the Executive VP of Products for Ribbon, Tony Scarfo, Ribbon is also excited to be building on an already powerful relationship with AWS. By delivering SIP recording capabilities through a class-leading set of session border controllers, Ribbon will enhance opportunities for today’s customers. Ribbon SBCs support up to four simultaneous recording sessions for SIP, enabling real-time analytics, and recording for corporate compliance.

Ribbon’s SBC solution offers extensive capabilities for the manipulation of SIP messaging too, to ensure compliance and interoperability with various recordings. What’s more, Ribbon’s SBCs also deliver reliable and secure SIP recordings, with the option to send rich metadata to recorders via downstream analytics, optional encryption, and more.


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