Vyopta Updates Voice Analytics and Monitoring

New Vyopta solutions for SIP and SBCs

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Published: February 19, 2020

Rebekah Carter

Vyopta, one of the leading providers of communication and collaboration performance management systems, recently introduced a selection of exciting new capabilities to its portfolio. The company’s selection of new features aims to optimise voice environments even further, with improved analytics and monitoring for SIP trunks, and Session Border Controllers.

In a world where enterprises are continuing to modernise their voice solutions, spending extra time and money on SIP trunking services, options for better analytics and monitoring will be essential. Spending on SIP trunking is set to increase to $29 billion by 2025, which means that managing the reliability, and quality of those connections could be critical to any company’s bottom line. However, maintaining the performance of every call can be difficult when end-to-end visibility into the components of each connection isn’t possible.

Improving Visibility for the Enterprise

Today, Vyopta says that companies are spending millions on their communication stacks, and wasting hours trying to hunt down the data required to understand voice problems. All while, despite substantial investment, most businesses “struggle to meet their service performance goals”.

Additionally, as new technology continues to appear in the voice and video environment, enterprises are faced with the potential demand to use a wider variety of legacy monitoring tools that don’t give them enough information in the form of analytics. However, with Vyopta’s CPM product, that could be about to change. Upgrades to the product announced this week will strengthen the ability of businesses to proactively monitor and optimise their voice and video environments. Updates to the CPM include:

  • SIP trunk alerts and monitoring for traffic, status, and edge call legs
  • Modernised architecture capable of scaling to manage millions of voice and video calls
  • SBC monitoring, alerts, and analytics for the Cisco CUBE
  • Cloud-based access that allows the system to be deployed in days – unlike typical on-premises options which take much longer.
  • Extensibility to monitor SBCs from other vendors
  • Industry-leading voice analytics that identifies issues in performance, improve SIP trunk migration times, and enhance compliance reporting
  • Dial back features and CDR retrieval which reduce time to diagnosis and resolve performance issues in the company network
  • Intelligent monitoring and alerting that allow IT teams to identify problems from various infrastructure areas, endpoints, and edge devices

Improving the Communication Landscape

Vyopta’s upgraded service also included integrated views of both cloud and on-premises environments for voice and video. This means that IT teams can improve and proactively repair aspects of UC services.

The new solution from Vyopta aims to provide organisations with the means to accurately and easily understand performance across the entire voice and video environment, with in-depth overviews of important analytical information. According to VP of Product for Vyopta, Subo Guha, the new features will mean that companies can finally troubleshoot calls in the video and voice landscape from any endpoint, accessing high-quality live data.




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