What Customer Insights Is Adobe Pulling From the Metaverse?

Its recently enhanced Adobe Analytics solution now draws customer data from the metaverse

What Customer Insights Is Adobe Pulling From the Metaverse?
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Published: July 1, 2022

Charlie Mitchell

A couple of weeks ago, Adobe announced new capabilities to deliver customer insights from the metaverse and streaming media.

In doing so, the vendor claims to have created the first true-omnichannel analytics product, which aligns with emerging customer communication preferences.

As such, companies can gain insights into new customer behaviors to inform forward-thinking CX strategies from a single workspace.

Yet, the question looms, what are these insights? And, how powerful are they?

First off, Adobe equips brands to measure and assess specific events, such as the volume of engagement with 3D objects and various immersive experiences. It also collects conversation transcripts across multiple metaverses.

Adobe can run predictive and customer journey analytics from this conversation data, allowing brands to unlock additional data. This may include predicted churn, channel engagement, and sentiment insights.

Further benefits include real-time customer segmentation and the ability to integrate data from the CRM and other contact center channels. As a result, companies get to grips with changing customer preferences while enabling a powerful 360-degree view of the customer.

By delving deeper into the Adobe Creative Cloud and harnessing its immersive design tools, such as Adobe Substance 3D, businesses may design, deliver, and monetize experiences in the metaverse. These new metaverse analytics capabilities are fundamental to such a strategy.

Should the metaverse continue its surging growth, more companies may consider Adobe Analytics for its extended omnichannel capabilities. This prospect excites Amit Ahuja, SVP, Adobe Experience Cloud Platform and Products at Adobe. He said:

Delivering personalized customer experiences is a top priority for every business in every industry. The key to making it happen is connecting real-time insights across all aspects of the customer journey.

“With support for metaverse and streaming media channels, Adobe Analytics continues to lead the industry as the only true omnichannel analytics solution for customer engagement.”

New streaming media analytics is another innovative feature within the Adobe portfolio, allowing companies to comprehend how streaming fits into the customer journey.

Indeed, new Adobe customer journey analytics capabilities can tie streaming consumption to engagement on other channels like social media, websites, and offline channels.

By tracking such activities, Adobe aims to bolster personalization and engagement strategies, supporting brands that strive to maximize the human factor in digital CX. In industries such as retail, banking, and entertainment, streaming has become a widespread ploy to do so.

To make the most of all this data, Adobe has also released a bulk data insertion API, so teams can move and activate historical data from various systems into Adobe Analytics. Doing so creates a clearer view of the complete customer journey.

Moreover, it has also enhanced its intelligent data mapping capabilities to streamline data preparation and suggest new ways of measuring CX.

Innovations like these and its continuing efforts to further the advancement of up-and-coming CX channels – like the metaverse – is perhaps why Gartner recently lauded Adobe as a market leader in its Magic Quadrant for Digital Experience Platforms 2022.



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