Elevate ’23: Your Ticket to Merging AI with Customer Experience

Event takes place on November 7th

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Elevate '23 Your Ticket to Merging AI with Customer Experience
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Published: October 18, 2023

Zen Bahar

In the ever-evolving landscape of business and customer experience, AI-driven transformation is rewriting the rules. However, as these advancements are still relatively new, CX leaders often find themselves struggling to keep up.

Aspects like integration with existing systems, customization, data quality, regulatory compliance, and cultural challenges like resistance to change and fear of job loss must be planned before AI can even be considered.

For businesses just starting out on their AI journey in CX, Puzzel CTO Thomas Rødseth advises to “identify precisely where you can make efficiency gains instead of trying to apply AI to every aspect of your business broadly.”

This is where Elevate ’23 steps in to bridge the knowledge gap. The event delivers condensed insights in just a half-day, ensuring you leave with actionable takeaways to set you up for success. The best part? It’s free.

2023 Themes in CX that matter

Having spent years in the CX space, Puzzel has gathered the key themes that matter most in this dynamic landscape. Here are four themes that attendees can expect to explore:

  1. Emerging CX Technologies
  2. Harnessing AI and Automation
  3. Mastering the Customer Journey
  4. Empowering Self-Service

The Speaker Line-Up

For those attending, Elevate ’23 has assembled a lineup of industry leaders and visionaries who are at the forefront of customer experience innovation. Here are the thought leaders who attendees can expect to hear from:

  • Zack Kass, Technologist and Futurist at OpenAI (ChatGPT)
  • Bernardin Arnason, Industry Principal at Frost and Sullivan
  • Tanja Ammentorp, Customer Service Director at JYSK
  • Xiaopeng Li, Western Europe AI Lead at Microsoft
  • Sanjeeva Wimalasena, Director of IT at David Lloyd
  • Thomas Rødseth, Chief Technology Officer at Puzzel
  • Frederic Laziou, Chief Executive Officer at Puzzel

Three Reasons to Attend Elevate ’23

  1. Inspire your organization to embrace AI-powered CX: Elevate ’23 equips you with the strategies to adapt and thrive in the rapidly evolving business landscape where AI is rewriting the rules of customer experience. Thomas notes that empathy should remain a top priority when introducing AI, in that “an organization’s automated journeys should be married with human empathy so that the service feels as human as possible except quicker and more precise.”
  2. Uncover exclusive insights from industry experts: Hear directly from thought leaders shaping the future of CX and gain unparalleled insights into the path ahead.
  3. Benchmark and Elevate Your Service: Dive into Puzzel’s latest quantitative research and gain insights from real-world success stories Puzzel customers share. Elevate ’23 empowers you to benchmark your service and seize opportunities for growth.

Thomas summarizes this predicament by advising companies to begin with trials when implementing AI in processes, making sure to “always measure your outcomes and values to identify impact.”

Elevate ’23 a half-day virtual event by Puzzel, offering insight into the cutting-edge possibilities of AI and how it can elevate customer interactions to a whole new level. The event runs on November 7th from 12:30 to 15:00 GMT, when attendees can enjoy an afternoon of transformative insights from the comfort of their own homes. You can register for your free ticket here.

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