Our Top Tips for Entering the CX Awards 2023

Boost your chances of winning a coveted CX Award

Our Top Tips for Entering the CX Awards 2023
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Published: December 5, 2022

Rebekah Carter

Applications for the 2023 CX Awards are now officially open, and we’re already starting to see some great submissions roll in from vendors at the forefront of CX innovation.

However, we expect to receive lots more entries before applications close on January the 13th, 2023.

So, if you’re still unsure where to get started with your own submission, don’t panic. We’ve got some great tips to get you on the right track.

Think you’re already ready to enter without our advice? Click here to submit your application.

Our Top Tips for Making your Application Stand Out

The CX Awards are your opportunity to showcase what really makes your brand special. So, how exactly can you grab the attention of our judges? Here are a some insider tips:

  • Share Specific Details: Answer questions carefully, and thoughtfully. Don’t just copy/paste the content in your marketing brochure. Go into detail about why you’re the best in your category, and why you deserve your chosen award.
  • Know Your Category: We’ve had a lot of great entries in the past where the product or service being promoted didn’t quite fit the category the company was applying for. Make sure you’re applying for the award most relevant to you.
  • Show Some Personality: We like our applications to sound personal and authentic. Add a little of your unique tone of voice into the mix, and don’t be afraid to show some emotion. Our judges know how to spot basic copy/pasted text.
  • Be Careful Who You Quote: Remember, some of our judges are industry analysts, so it might be best to avoid quoting other analysts when making your case. If you want to include quotes in your application, we suggest making them from happy customers!
  • Show Your Best Side: Don’t just list everything you can do on your application, focus on showing us what you do best. Highlight your unique selling point – the thing that differentiates you from all the other CX brands out there.

We’d also recommend avoiding a few common mistakes when completing your application. For instance, it’s usually a good idea not to include lots of external links and attachments in your submission. Keep it concise to avoid overwhelming our judges with bluster.

Also, avoid using too much jargon and sales-speak . You’re not selling your product to us.

Finally, try not to be overly boastful, this can rub some judges the wrong way. Stick to the word limit, and be humble, detailed, and authentic.

Remember our Key Criteria

Keep in mind, we distribute the CX Awards on the basis of three crucial criteria: Ability to Innovate, Ability to Execute, and Ability to Improve Experience.

When formulating your answers to the application questions, try to make sure you highlight these three key abilities as often as possible.

Show us what makes your solution a pioneering product in the CX space, and how you’ve delivered excellent results for your existing customers – with stats and figures!

We know applying for awards is a daunting prospect – follow the tips above and we guarantee you’ll be more likely to send in an eye-catching, powerful submission.

Oh! And remember to get your submissions in fast! Any entries delivered after the 13th of January won’t be considered, so don’t wait too long! Download our media kit and enter now!




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