MiaRec is a leading provider of Generative AI-powered Auto QA and Conversation Intelligence solutions. MiaRec helps contact centers save time and cost through AI-based automation and customer-driven business intelligence. MiaRec AI-powered solutions portfolio includes Generative AI-powered Automated Quality Management (Auto QA), Voice Analytics (Transcription, Sentiment and Topic Analysis), ML-based Data Redaction, and AI Assist (Call Summary, AI Coaching).

Empowered by cutting-edge AI and Machine Learning technologies, MiaRec solutions offer unmatched accuracy while demanding minimal configuration, ultimately driving superior business outcomes. Contact centers improve agent performance, boost operational efficiency, and better understand their customers to improve experiences for both agents and customers with MiaRec.

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  • AI-Powered Automated Quality Management
  • Topical and Sentiment Analysis
  • Conversational Intelligence
  • Agent Assist


  • Americas
  • EMEA

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