75% of Customers Don’t Feel Businesses Listen to Feedback 

92% believe CX not important to businesses  

75% of Customers Don’t Feel Businesses Listen Feedback 
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Published: October 28, 2021

Carly Read

Up to 75% of customers do not think businesses are actioning their feedback, according to new research. 

The survey, by CX firm Alida, which featured 5,300 global respondents across Australia, Canada, India, the UK and US, also revealed that 92% agreed that customer experience is a vital factor in their purchase decisions. 

Shockingly, three-quarters of participants expressed frustration that brands had not listened to their feedback. 

Added to that, 83% claimed that they would be willing to spend more in return for better CX. 

Nicole Kealey, chief strategy officer, Alida, said: “The past year has seen a fundamental shift in how consumers interact with brands, forcing companies to change the way they engage with and stay close to their customers.

“Being reactive is no longer a viable business strategy.” 

A ‘bad personal experience’ with a brand was cited as the biggest influence (79%) in making a purchase. This was ranked above poor brand reputation at 65%.

Additionally, four in five respondents claimed that they are ‘highly motivated’ to purchase elsewhere after a bad customer experience. 

When asked how customer experience in general had changed over the past year, a global average of 52% of those surveyed said that it did not improve or had worsened.  




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