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Published: June 8, 2023

Rebekah Carter

Customer experiences have evolved significantly in the last few years. Interactions between businesses and their target audiences have grown more omnidirectional, as business leaders recognize the need to understand their customers, and their purchasing journeys.  

Listening to the voice of the customer using “VOC” technology allows organizations to develop a deeper knowledge of the pain points, and frictions their buyers face. This paves the way to more personalized, efficient, and convenient customer journeys. At the same time, VOC insights provide businesses with more of the information they need to make intelligent decisions about how to enhance and optimize customer service across every channel.  

For companies keen to capitalize on the benefits a voice of the customer program can bring, industry events can be extremely valuable. They offer a behind-the-scenes insight into not just the tech teams can use to analyze customer experiences, but the methodologies brands can use to improve satisfaction scores. Here are just some of the top events worth attending this year for VOC insights. 

Customer Engagement Transformation Conference 

June 14th, 2023, The Brewery, London 

Hosted by the “Engage Customer” team, the Customer Engagement Transformation Conference is an inspiring event, designed to provide insights into new ways of connecting with consumers. The one-day event is packed with educational content, roundtable sessions, and case study presentations, all exploring the latest trends influencing customer satisfaction.  

Attendees will have an opportunity to learn from 20 world-class speakers, covering crucial topics such as the rise of customer service design, and the personalization of the customer experience. There’s even a dedicated topic stream for the voice of the customer, and the technology and strategies businesses can use to leverage VOC benefits.  

Avaya Engage 

June 17-21, 2023, Orlando Florida 

Ideal for companies already invested in the Avaya portfolio of analytical, contact center, and communication tools, the Avaya Engage event is an amazing resource for CX leaders. Once a year, this event provides attendees with excellent overviews of the Avaya technology solutions on offer, while delivering exceptional insights into the world of customer experience.  

This year’s event focuses on building a world one experience at a time, with innovative topics covering everything from customer journey innovation to employee engagement. Attendees will learn from industry experts and Avaya leaders about the latest technologies transforming the CX space, including innovative AI solutions. Plus, there are plenty of opportunities to network with other business leaders, and discuss ideas surrounding the voice of the customer.  

Customer Contact Week  

June 19-22, 2023, Las Vegas, US 

Year after year, the Customer Contact Week (CCW) event attracts thousands of visitors from around the world, all committed to unlocking new opportunities with customer experience. The CCW Expo hall comes packed with technology to explore for those looking to leverage AI tools to harness and understand the voice of the customer.  

Additionally, the action-packed event comes with access to industry-specific think tanks, where team leaders can learn more about the opportunities available to boost customer retention. Plus, there are amazing keynote sessions to discover, and an immersive educational experience offered in the form of the customer contact leadership institute. This event is also home to the CCWomen summit, where attendees can find panels, community building activities and mentorship opportunities.  

Customer Experience 2023 

July 17-19, 2023, Nashville, TN 

Developed by the leaders at Frost & Sullivan, the Customer Experience 2023 event is an interactive experience, covering everything attendees need to know about engagement and customer satisfaction. The event includes access to amazing networking opportunities, as well as phenomenal presentations on improving Net Promoter Scores and CSAT rates.  

Every year, the event plays host to amazing thought leaders from across the business landscape, who share their insights on strategies companies can use to unlock deeper connections with their target audience. Visitors will learn all about the voice of the customer, the evolving customer journey in today’s digital world, and the tools available for enhancing CX.  


31st of July to 1st of August 2023, Boston, MA 

Otherwise known as the “Next Generation Customer Experience Conference”, NGCX is a world-leading event, home to fantastic sources of education and inspiration for any business leader. Keynotes cover a range of different industries and topics, discussing concepts like the voice of the customer, and how to improve consumer loyalty.  

Since 2011, this event has been connecting innovators from around the globe, providing insights into the transforming world of customer service and experience. Leaders from a range of industries are set to attend, including companies like Adobe, Microsoft, and IBM. In addition to keynotes and speeches, attendees will also be able to participate in small group benchmarking and networking sessions. 


September 13-14, 2023, Austin, Texas 

The UCX event in the USA is one of the top conferences to attend for both UC and CX insights. This engaging event provides behind-the-scenes insights into the transformative communication landscape, and the evolution of the customer experience. Attendees gain access to amazing thought leadership speeches and keynote sessions, as well as useful tips on UC and CX optimization.  

During this event, attendees will have an opportunity to learn more about the strategies they can use to capture and understand the voice of the customer, using analytics and AI. Plus, there are a host of interactive roundtables to explore, as well as some fantastic 1-2-1 meeting sessions. The expo floor also showcases some fantastic up-and-coming technology for the contact center marketplace. 

The Digital Customer Experience Summit 

November 7-8, 2023, Toronto, ON 

Celebrating its tenth year in 2023, The Digital Customer Experience summit brings experts from around the globe together to explore new methods of boosting customer loyalty. The summit covers a variety of topics, from how to improve customer experiences across different channels, to how companies can leverage the power of data and the voice of the customer.  

Every year, this conference showcases expertise and keynote speeches from some of the world’s leading brands, alongside case studies and useful insights. Besides this, attendees also get an opportunity to network with a host of thought leaders from the customer satisfaction space. It’s an excellent environment for learning more about the digital transformation of CX.  

The Call & Contact Centre Expo 

November 29-30, 2023, London, UK 

Returning to the UK for another year in 2023, the Call and Contact Center Expo is a must-attend event for anyone investing in customer experience. Here, attendees have an opportunity to experiment with transformative technology, learn about the power of AI, and learn from industry leaders. The event showcases a range of methodologies and strategies for boosting customer satisfaction, with behind-the-scenes insights into the voice of the customer and customer engagement.  

Visitors will learn all about the trends shaping the future of customer interactions from industry pioneers, taking part in live seminars, panel sessions, and product demonstrations. Plus, there are tons of opportunities to network and form new partnerships.  




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