Most Innovative Vendors Focusing on Customer Feedback to Watch in 2022

Leading vendors with a focus on customer feedback

Most Innovative Vendors Focusing on Customer Feedback to Watch in 2022
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Published: November 29, 2022

Rebekah Carter

It’s impossible to underestimate the value of listening to customers in today’s competitive landscape. Today, consumers have higher expectations of the brands they work with than ever before, and many expect every interaction with a business to be personalised, streamlined, and efficient.

Understanding exactly what each customer prioritises from a service experience requires business leaders to gather as much data as possible about their target audience. This can be done through the use of analytical tools, AI systems, and even automated customer feedback tools.

Today, we’re looking at some of the leading CX vendors in the marketplace building their portfolios with a focus on gathering and utilizing customer feedback for business growth. These vendors offer behind-the-scenes insights into the voice of the customer, so brands can compete more effectively on the basis of customer service.

1. HubSpot

A market leader in the service, sales, and marketing landscape, HubSpot is best-known for its CRM technologies, and powerful selection of integrated technology suites. The customer feedback software offered by HubSpot is an excellent way for business leaders to truly understand the needs of their target audience, by collecting reviews and testimonials automatically.

With HubSpot, companies can create highly customised surveys to collect information about the factors which truly matter to business growth. You can get a read on customer loyalty, engagement, and other critical KPIs, in a unified hub. What’s more, HubSpot makes it easy to collect important data for metrics like “NPS” and CSAT, which can be connected to your wider CRM environment. The ability to view feedback connected with each individual customer can enhance company strategies for service personalisation.

2. Verint

Verint is a market leader in CX solutions for business leaders. The company offers a range of tools for managing and enhancing the contact centre environment, as well as a “Feedback management” platform. With Verint, companies can create multi-channel surveys for collecting customer input across SMS, email, telephone, and other channels.

There are options for sending surveys to different groups based on their engagement, as well as conditional logic and branching options. The system also integrates fully with the Verint Workforce Optimization platform, so companies can get a feel for their employee’s engagement levels too. The easy-to-use environment makes it quick and simple to consolidate data across time periods, individual customers, and groups.

3. Zoho

Offering a wide variety of different tools for workforce and customer engagement, the Zoho platform is a powerhouse for productivity and engagement. The portfolio of products includes a range of different tools for capturing more data about your target audience, including pre-made templates for customer feedback surveys and insights.

Zoho Survey is the tool Zoho offers to simplify the collection of valuable reviews and testimonials from today’s business consumers. The ecosystem makes it quick and simple to create custom questions which help to measure important KPIs and metrics. Businesses can use consistent rating scales, and visualize the results of campaigns with intelligent reporting features. Plus, Zoho Survey integrates easily with the rest of the Zoho landscape. This means companies can even connect their reviews to their customer relationship management tools.


A pioneer in the “Voice of the Customer” landscape, NICE isn’t just a leading contact centre provider, it’s also a fantastic choice for companies gathering valuable data about their audience. The Satmetrix tool from NICE is the all-in-one environment where companies can power their omnichannel customer experience campaigns and proactive customer service.

With Satmetrix, companies can send out automated surveys to collect customer feedback, infuse their strategies with AI to collect sentiment analytics, and see innovative reports to visualise their campaigns. The holistic solution makes it quick and simple to combine data from customer feedback initiatives with other points of CX information from around the contact center. The all-in-one ecosystem provides a clear view into customer loyalty and perception.

5. FiveStars

An innovative solution for companies looking to transform customer feedback and testimonials into social proof, FiveStars is a powerful tool for today’s business leaders. The solution provides an easy and unified way to generate reviews from a range of different digital environment, with automatic lead generation opportunities, and report creation.

With FiveStars, companies can add rating tools and surveys to various points of the customer journey, making it easier to keep their finger on the pulse of customer sentiment. The solution integrates with Tripadvisor, Google, Facebook, and Yelp, so organisations can take full advantage of the existing platforms customers commonly use when leaving reviews for their favourite brands.

6. Salesforce

The world’s leading CRM solution, Salesforce launched it’s own feedback management service in 2020, to help companies centralise their insights into customers. The Feedback management tool is a suite of enterprise level solutions and surveys which exist within the native Salesforce platform. The easy-to-use offering means companies can send automated requests for feedback in seconds.

Salesforce allows organisations to automatically collect information from their target audience at the most important points in the customer journey. Brand leaders can create scales to get an insight into NPS scores, and request more extensive feedback which can be connected to the CRM environment and individual user profiles. This leads to the creation of better lifecycle maps.

7. Yotpo

An all-in-one platform for increasing business loyalty, Yotpo offers business leaders a range of tools to learn more about the customer experience, and the perceptions of their clients. There’s an environment where users can create custom surveys to send to customers automatically, as well as loyalty and referral tools for boosting lead generation.

Yotpo helps companies to capture not only direct reviews and feedback about service experiences, but also visual user-generated content. With Yotpo, organisations can get a better overview of the customer journey and lifecycle, while also creating powerful social proof marketing tools from some of the valuable insights they collect. There’s even the option to request feedback through multiple channels, including SMS.



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