CallMiner Launches New Conversation Analytics Solution

Sandra Radlovački

CallMiner analyses every customer and prospect interaction to empower enterprise sales teams

CallMiner Launches New Conversation Analytics Solution

CallMiner, the leading provider of conversation analytics to drive business improvement, announced the launch of Sales Conversation Analytics (SCA), a new solution within the CallMiner Eureka platform.

The solution features functionality that unlocks intelligence for sales organisations by analysing customer and prospect conversations. This will help deliver critical insights needed to drive better sales outcomes, revenue and business improvement.

CallMiner SCA allows enterprise and business development sales teams gain real-time and post-interaction intelligence in an easy-to-use, customisable dashboard. CallMiner SCA builds on existing capabilities found in CallMiner’s Analyse and Coach products and enables sales executives, directors, and supervisors to identify and scale best practices.

Paul Bernard, president and CEO, CallMiner, said:

“Enterprise sales executives can struggle in the face of increasing pressure to drive business results. They simply lack the key insights necessary to gain visibility in deal progression, deliver comprehensive training programs, and drive more effective sales conversations.”

“CallMiner analyzes every customer and prospect interaction to empower enterprise sales teams with the insights needed to better optimize rep performance, implement best practices across teams, and deeply understand deal outcomes. With the Sales Conversation Analytics solution, we’re building on CallMiner’s industry-leading experience and delivering the comprehensive capabilities needed to truly move the sales needle.”

Enhanced capabilities in CallMiner SCA are focused on driving revenue, improving sales cycles and increasing win rates through:

  • Data-driven coaching: Deconstructing sales conversations by phase makes it easier to analyse rep performance and identify opportunities for coaching. Supervisors can also uncover behaviors that drive successful outcomes, and use those insights to improve training and scale best practices across teams
  • Purpose-built insights: CallMiner SCA provides deal outcome analysis, actionable training based on real interactions, and customisable dashboards to measure effectiveness and track pipeline status. These benefits make it easier for sales teams to get up and running with the solution and drive ROI
  • Pre-built integrations and data acquisition: Pre-built integrations exist for critical communications platforms, including dialers, video conferencing, mobile phones, email, webchat, and CRM, as well as sales enablement platforms, helping enterprise sales teams gain insight from the conversations they’re already having.

Bruce McMahon, Vice President of Product, CallMiner, said:

“CallMiner has always delivered conversation analytics to help improve outcomes from ‘one-and-done’ sales interactions, like telesales. With Sales Conversation Analytics, we’re delivering those same benefits, through enhanced capabilities, to multi-touch sales cycles seen among enterprise and business development sales teams.”

“Unlike other solutions on the market, CallMiner’s solution was built with every level of the sales organization in mind, from reps to sales executives. For the first time, enterprise sales teams can analyze voice and text-based interactions to deliver robust coaching opportunities to improve rep effectiveness, uncover real-time insights that impact conversations as they’re happening, and more. These capabilities translate to long-term, transformational business impact.”


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