QBox, Cognigy Partner on Conversational AI Testing

William Smith

The partnership will see users of Cognigy's AI platform able to use QBox to improve automated conversations

QBox, Cognigy Partner on Conversational AI Testing

Chatbot performance management solution QBox has announced a partnership with conversational AI and automation platform Cognigy. 

The Cognigy.AI platform allows companies to create and run AI-powered virtual agents to handle customer and employee conversations in areas such as customer service, helpdesk, marketing and HR. QBox, meanwhile, allows users to test and fix chatbot performance, with customers including the likes of Accenture, Nestlé, Sky and Vodafone. 

The partnership will see users of Cognigy’s AI platform able to use QBox to improve automated conversations by measuring NLU performance against the metrics of correctness, confidence, and clarity. 

“The use of conversational AI is becoming commonplace in organisations of all sizes as they seek to continually improve customer experiences – but with an emphasis on using well-trained and intelligent chatbots”, says Benoit Alvarez, Chief Technology Officer at QBox 

“We are delighted that users of Cognigy’s AI platform will now be able to utilise QBox to test, analyse, fix and scale their chatbots more efficiently than ever before, therefore deliver superior experiences for their end users.” 

The partnership also enables chatbot developers to use training data to inform the design of chatbots. 

“We are excited to see the new integration with QBox being available for our customers,” said Marc Schneider, VP of Partner Management at Cognigy. “It complements Cognigy’s NLU capabilities with the depth of NLU optimisation expertise, which the QBox team is known for.” 

Recently, Cognigy launched a new conversational AI analytics suite called Cognigy Insights, which integrates with the Cognigy.AI platform to interpret conversational data.  

“Better Conversational AI analytics is one of the key demands to improve customer communication as enterprises optimize their customer journey,” said Sebastian Glock, Senior Technology Evangelist, Cognigy, at the time. “Cognigy Insights helps customers make sense of their conversational data and give them the means to act upon insights, all within one best-in-class suite.” 



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