Verint AI and Analytics Solutions Receive Highest Customer Scores

Sandra Radlovački

Company recognised for the largest global customer base and greatest increase in number of customer among the vendors

Verint AI and Analytics Solutions Receive Highest Customer Scores

Verint, The Customer Engagement Company™, announced that its artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics solutions achieved perfect scores in all 24 customer satisfaction categories for vendor satisfaction, product capabilities, and product effectiveness in DMG Consulting’s new 2021/2022 Interaction Analytics Product and Market Report. Verint also represents the largest market share by number of customers and achieved the greatest year-over-year increase in number of customers among vendors named in the report’s market activity analysis.

DMG’s report analyses contact centre and service-related uses of interaction analytics. It highlights the increasing value of operationalizing the findings from interaction analytics for voice of the custome (VoC), quality management (QM), customer journey analytics and the customer experience. The report further explores how the value and benefits of IA increase substantially when this technology is embedded in third-party applications.

Donna Fluss, president, DMG Consulting, said:

“Interaction analytics follows conversations as customers pivot from one channel to another, providing necessary insights into all touchpoints in the customer journey.”

“These solutions enable companies to alter the outcome of customer conversations, responding with real-time alerts and next-best-action guidance to agents, regardless of where they are located.”

Verint Analytics Solutions received top customer satisfaction scores for products capability criteria including AI and machine learning (ML) capabilities, accuracy and tuning capabilities, real-time capabilities, emotion detection and sentiment analysis. They also received top customer satisfaction scores for product effectiveness criteria and vendor satisfaction criteria including overall vendor satisfaction, product innovation, and professional services.

The report analysed Verint’s Speech and Text Analytics, Contextual Real-Time Guidance, Analytics-Enabled Quality Management and Experience Management applications. Verint Speech and Text Analytics automatically explores and identifies trends, themes, emotion, sentiment and the root causes driving customer interactions, including voice calls and unstructured text in form of chats.

Verint’s Chief Marketing Officer, Celia Fleischaker said:

“Speech and text analytics solutions provided critical insights over the past year—enabling customers to adapt to the dynamics of interactions and respond to issues in real time.”

“We are committed to continually innovating to help drive insights and value across the organization to create better customer experiences.”

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