8×8: Predicting Customers’ Next Moves with Omni-channel 

Mapping the customer journey with the help of new and existing technology 

8×8: Predicting Customers’ Next Moves with Omni-channel 

Customer needs have been changing rapidly throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic itself has catapulted customers and businesses alike approximately five years into the future in a time space so small, many organisations have simply failed to keep up. But as nations map their route out of the pandemic to allow for normal life to continue, customers have become more demanding 

Staying ahead of the CX game has now become more vital than ever for all brands and businesses, and as a result, many are using a combined power to do just that.  

In an exclusive interview, CX Today welcomes Chris Marron, Director of Competitive and Market Intelligence at 8×8, to discuss the importance of machine learning and omni-channel working together to decipher unbeatable customer journeys 

Marron believes omni-channel will become all the more prominent in delivering CX and it’s all down to being able to provide those crucial insights into customer data. 

Marron says: “In 2021, an omni-channel presence will only become more prevalent as businesses look to link not just their contact centre and customers, but individual business systems with multiple communication channels.  

“From an initial interaction through to purchasing and delivery, communication across various channels – ensuring the contact centre software can support at every touch point – will enable advisors to operate efficiently and ensure customer expectations are met” 

Omni-channel Strategies 

AI and machine learning work by enabling omnichannel strategies to spike in terms of CX. It does this by providing insights into the ever-changing preferences of customers. Consistency is vital for any business when it comes down to delivering good CX, but with COVID-19 having made customers so much more demanding in wanting first-time-right answers, reduced hold times and much more, omni-channel offerings allow firms to predict the customers’ next move.  

Marron explains: “One technology area that will enhance the omni-channel experience is AI. Whether it’s using chatbots to deflect high call volumes and support customer queries, or keyword detection to help put the most relevant information in front of agents – AI can help enhance customer services across channels. 

Marron also warns business that despite many nations being able to see the light at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel we’re all in, this moment really is sink or swim. Adopting the very best new technologies is what will keep customers on board and loyal at this time.  

He adds: “Ultimately, Omni-channel is a key ingredient of the customer experience mix and contact centre providers, and all businesses must look to new technologies like AI to ensure the experience is suitable for the new digital age 


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