AI is Rapidly Transforming the Contact Center. Here’s How to Keep from Arriving Late to the Party

The contact center is becoming the value hub it always wanted to be, making CCaaS partnerships particularly crucial. Content Guru's Martin Taylor explains why

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AI is Rapidly Transforming the Contact Center. Here’s How to Keep from Arriving Late to the Party
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Published: February 12, 2024

Linoy Doron

As Artificial Intelligence (AI) increasingly invades the contact center, it is driving a profound transformation. From an efficiency-driven cost center, it’s becoming a pivotal hub for organizations, pulling in more and more business functions. This is exciting news for those organizations; but it also means a growing need to track and implement AI trends within their contact center environments, which is no easy task.

In a recent conversation with Martin Taylor, Deputy CEO and Co-Founder at Content Guru, we explored the expanding role of contact centers and the crucial importance of partnering with the right CCaaS vendor to navigate the AI journey effectively.

AI-Driven Contact Centers: From Cost to Value

Let’s open with a relaxing message to anyone concerned about the future of the contact center following the rise of AI: It’s not going anywhere.

“There’s a common misconception that AI might signal the demise of contact center, but it’s actually quite the opposite,” Taylor reassures.

According to Taylor, being ‘the landing ground of AI invasion’ doesn’t mark the elimination of the contact center, but rather its exciting evolution; much like how tractors enhanced farmers’ capabilities rather than turning them obsolete.

The contact center, historically a hub for external communications and information orchestration, now becomes the focal point of AI implementation, pulling in diverse organizational functions.

“Thanks to AI, functions like finance, administration, or legal will be able to interface with the external audience through the contact center directly,” Taylor explains.

“This means that detailed questions where agents today need to refer the customer to an expert in the back office can soon be dealt with in the front office.”

As the contact center transforms, the workforce is expected to undergo a shift, too.

“Repetitive, data-centric tasks gradually get automated, and the focus shifts to problem-solving, empathy, and building customer relationships,” Taylor notes.

“This is expected to transform the role of contact center agent from a routine job to a central position within the organization.”

Why is CCaaS Crucial? AI Haves and Have Nots

As the contact center becomes the true value center of the organization, Taylor foresees a bright future – but only for early adopters.

“The capitalist drive to do more in less time will ultimately create ‘AI haves and have nots’, with organizations adopting early enjoying significant productivity gains and increased cost efficiency,” Taylor notes.

But what about the latecomers? He has a friendly warning for those:

“When the rate of change exceeds an organization’s ability to keep up, they become irrelevant,” he explains. “This means that those coming late to the AI party might find the door closed.”

Where does CCaaS come in, then?

“CCaaS is effectively the foundation on which everything else is built,” Taylor says.

“Without CCaaS and the consistent data it generates, organizations can’t even begin discussing adopting AI strategies.”

CCaaS Vendors as Trusted Guides in the AI Journey

The AI landscape differs from previous technology waves in that it involves numerous start-ups and open-source options, making it exceptionally hard for organizations to navigate themselves. This makes the role of CCaaS vendors extra crucial, as they serve as the enterprise’s eyes and ears in tracking new developments.

“With the emergence of hundreds of new start-ups every year, it’s unrealistic for companies to track the burgeoning AI field while properly focusing on their core activities,” Taylor explains.

“As a result, the CCaaS vendor becomes their guide through the AI jungle, tracking contact center-related features and capabilities for them,” he says.

As an AI-informed CCaaS vendor, Content Guru is happy to take on this role.

“We are working on a huge range of AI projects and our data scientists are constantly researching the best tools to navigate complexities for our enterprise customers,” Taylor shares.

For companies who are still on-premises, Taylor firmly recommends moving to CCaaS now, or risk falling behind irreversibly.

“Whether an early or last-minute adopter, partnering with the right CCaaS provider, is foundational to staying ahead of AI trends,” he suggests.

To learn more about Content Guru’s CCaaS solutions, visit their website here.

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