Big CX News You May Have Missed

Popular stories from the last week that you may have missed

Big CX News You May Have Missed

As we continue the journey from cold January into (freezing) February, the chatter from the world of CX is becoming even louder. Prominent stories being shared among locked-down agents, business leaders and our loyal readership are acquisitions, launches and trends in the contact centre stratosphere. Didn’t have a chance to read through them all? Don’t worry, we’ve done the leg work for you and selected our top five popular articles from last week. Enjoy!

2020 CX Market Context Insights Shared in a Busy Roundtable  

Experts sharing their insights on the market context of 2020 in a bustling discussion on key opportunities on the road ahead and the WFH impact in 2021 added into the mix. With an agenda bursting at the seams and a whole host of topics up for discussion, is there any wonder our readers were hooked on this popular post? The group discussed trends that they believed helped shape CX in 2020,technologies that created the biggest opportunities around CX and the WFH environment and the impact it will have on the way CX is delivered in 2021 and beyond 

SugarPredict Took the Guesswork Out of Sales with a Data-Fuelled AI Solution 

More than half of sales leaders say their CRM is costing them serious cash, according to new research from SugarCRM that examines the lack of customer visibility that plagues most companies. The quality and consistency of the data entered by CRM users can create challenges for basic AI systems. In this piece, SugarCRM, innovator of time-aware CX announced the launch of SugarPredict, which delivers dramatic new levels of prediction accuracy without the time, cost and technical expertise typically required for companies to take advantage of AI 

Observe.AI Joined Forces with Microsoft to Bring the Power of Automation and AI Together  

In Observe.AI and Microsoft working together, businesses can apply AI to modernise their customer service teams across use cases like customer support, sales, compliance, and workforce optimisation, the automation company said. The idea behind the partnership is to train deep learning AI models, which enables more accurate interaction and sentiment analytics for customers so that the Observe.AI platform can integrate with customers’ existing CRM and business intelligence tools via API.  

Loyalty Management Launched by Salesforce to Drive More Meaningful CX 

Salesforce made the announcement last week that it had launched a new product to increase customer trust and engagement across multiple industries. Loyalty Management allows retail, consumer goods, manufacturing, travel and hospitality sectors to build intelligent loyalty programs for both B2B and B2C customers with a flexible solution that fit their specific needs. Companies can then provide more personalised consumer experiences, evolve their loyalty programmes to stay current with customer expectations and help drive business value by creating loyal, lifelong customers.   

Unification, Community and Patience Common CX Factors Driving Collaboration 

Organisations are finding that with offices and stores now closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic further boosting the demand for online consumerism, delivering excellent quality CX is now shaping businesses far and wide. But a team effort is required. This article looked at ways in which collaboration helps shape businesses, and the future of CX post-pandemic. Examples were unification, community and greater agent patience leading to improved learning communities. 

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