Blue Prism and AWS Form Automation Partnership

The move will see Blue Prism building SaaS intelligent automation offerings on AWS

Blue Prism and AWS Form Automation Partnership
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Published: November 15, 2021

William Smith

Robotic process automation company Blue Prism has announced a new global strategic partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS). 

The partnership will see the companies working together on intelligent automation, with Blue Prism building SaaS offerings on AWS and working with the latter to increase the functionality of its digital robots – such as its Blue Prism Service Assist offering, which provides comprehensive views of contact centre customer interactions. 

Blue Prism said it would benefit from Amazon’s extensive machine learning stack, with its digital robots integrating across AWS services such as the AWS’ omnichannel cloud contact centre, Amazon Connect. AWS recently announced a range of updates to the service geared around making customer interactions more personal. 

The Blue Prism On Demand offering will become available in the AWS marketplace in 2022, allowing companies to access intelligent automation on a consumption-based SaaS model. 

“The world and the workplace are rapidly changing, and there’s enormous opportunity for organizations to use intelligent automation technology to enhance productivity, improve performance and reimagine the way their business operates,” said Terry Walby, Chief Executive for Blue Prism Ventures 

“The collaboration with Amazon Web Services will allow us to further enhance our ability to deliver intelligent automation solutions to organizations around the world seamlessly, on demand and at large or international scale.” 

The imperative for automation has only increased following the Congoing COVID-19 pandemic, with Metrigy saying in its recent New Workplaces Drive Transformation report that while only 26% of companies have a cohesive management automation strategy, 57% are automating various point functions such as security management. 

“This relationship will give customers even greater access to intelligent automation solutions that can accelerate their business transformation goals,” said Madhu Raman, Worldwide Head of Intelligent Automation at AWS 

“Joint customers will have an extensive portfolio of real-world automation capabilities at their fingertips, including business process improvements. Customers will also benefit from more agile and flexible cloud-based contact centre solutions that combine our technologies.” 



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