Building a Business Case for CX in Telecoms, Media, and Technology

Exploring the potential for CX in the TMT industry

Building a Business Case for CX in Telecoms, Media, and Technology
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Published: September 1, 2022

Rebekah Carter

In the age of digital transformation, telecommunications, media, and technology companies are responsible for delivering some of the most important tools in our day-to-day lives.

We all rely on exceptional communications, powerful networks, and powerful technology for productivity. Often, this means when something goes wrong with our services, we’re quick to abandon the vendors we were previously loyal to, in search of something better.

To survive in this complex landscape, telecoms, media, and technology brands need to go above and beyond the basics with their CX strategies. These organizations rely on the latest CX tools to delight customers, and preserve long-term subscriptions. If you’re thinking of investing more heavily in customer experience solutions this year, here’s how you can build a business case for CX.

Step 1: Look for Opportunities to Differentiate

The TMT sector is a highly competitive landscape, with more companies joining the industry every day. According to some studies, the telecoms industry alone is set to reach a value of $2.65 trillion by 2030. In this cluttered landscape, it’s essential for business leaders to constantly seek out new ways of innovating and evolving, to stay ahead of the competition.

While offering the latest services, like 5G mobile connectivity and flexible cloud communications is helpful, your customers will typically make their choices on who to work with based on CX. Clients in this landscape want to ensure they’re getting the best level of support, high reliability, and fantastic innovation in one convenient package.

With the right CX solutions, you can ensure you’re connecting with your customers on a deeper level, and improve your chances of consistent conversions. For instance, by implementing a CCaaS solution, you can serve your customers on more channels, from SMS to instant messaging, to appeal to customers who prefer to avoid phone conversations. There are also innovative tools like AI to upgrade your analytics, and provide powerful insights into areas where you can innovate.

Step 2: Deliver New Levels of Customer Service

Now customer experience is the most important differentiating factor for companies in the “TMT” industry to consider, it’s important to think more carefully about how you deliver service. First and foremost, customers expect to be able to connect with your business across a range of channels, from video, to SMS, so an omnichannel contact centre is essential.

However, there are other areas to think about too. For instance, implementing the right bots and chat tools can allow TMT companies to deliver new levels of self-service to their customers. This is ideal in an environment, where many customers will want to access quick solutions to their problems without waiting for an agent to be available.

AI analytics built into your CCaaS system and CRM tools can even open the door to “proactive” service. This ensures business leaders can stay one step ahead of any issues which might occur within their ecosystem, minimising downtime, and disruption for their clients. With proactive service, you can take a lot of the stress out of managing crucial connections and communications for customers.

Step 3: Explore Tools for Boost Team Performance

Running a successful company in the telecom, media, and technology landscape means having the most productive and efficient team possible. If your employees can’t operate at full capacity, you can’t deliver the kind of meaningful and reliable experiences your clients are looking for.

Today’s CX tools are beginning to focus more heavily on the concept of “Total Experience”, with new tools built-in to improve user, employee, and business experiences too. For instance, you can now find CCaaS solutions with included workforce optimisation and management tools. These technologies make it easier to manage and optimise your workforce, wherever they may be.

The same solutions can help with tracking things like employee engagement, and empowering staff members with the training and support they need to work more effectively. At the same time, powerful CX tools help to align more of the tools your employees need to stay productive in one convenient space. This reduces the time staff members spend jumping between applications to provide the support and service customers need.

Step 4: Consider Strategies for Boosting ROI

One of the easiest ways to build an effective business case for any new technology, is to highlight the benefits such tools could have on your bottom line. CX solutions have endless capabilities to lower costs and increase revenue for business leaders.

The right CCaaS solutions not only align more tools into one convenient environment, but they also help with boosting employee productivity, so you can handle more calls in a shorter amount of time. You can even align conversations across multiple platforms in one application, so employees can easily deliver contextual and personalised support.

Workforce management tools ensure you can get the most out of your workforce, even when you’re working with hybrid and remote employees, tracking engagement and performance levels anywhere. There are even live chat, AI, and automation tools to minimise some of the pressures on your workforce, and ensure they have more time to focus on the tasks that matter most. As companies in the TMT sector continue to innovate, CX solutions simultaneously cut costs, and improve your chances of maintaining customer loyalty.

Step 5: Prioritise Future Growth

Finally, CX tools are also extremely useful in the TMT sector for businesses looking to accelerate growth and unlock new opportunities. The right technology will allow you to capture valuable data and metrics from across the business landscape. Analysing both employee performance and customer experience on a comprehensive level opens the door to better growth decisions.

With powerful analytical tools, your company can learn more about the customer journey and the steps you need to take to keep subscribers with your business. You can discover opportunities for new growth in areas you might not have considered before, like offering self-service support and proactive assistance. With AI built into many of the top CX solutions today, you can even use intelligence to improve your chances of understanding business patterns and trends.

With the right CX investments, you not only improve the performance of your TMT company today, you also ensure you’ll have the insights required to continue succeeding in future.


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