Customer Journey AI: The Future of Customer Experience

Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing the contact center

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Customer Journey AI The Future of Customer Experience
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Published: July 3, 2024

Rebekah Carter

Virtually every company is investing in the latest AI solutions to help them boost workplace efficiency and productivity, deliver more convenient and personalized customer experiences, and reduce costs.  

However, the potential of AI goes far beyond simply using intelligent chatbots to address common customer concerns. Innovators like Landis believe AI has the potential to transform every stage of the customer journey, driving increased loyalty and retention rates alongside deeper business insights. 

The Opportunities for AI in the Customer Journey 

Throughout the entire customer journey, artificial intelligence can eliminate roadblocks and frictions, improve interactions, and increase conversions. With solutions like the AI journey tools from Landis Technologies, companies can use artificial intelligence to: 

  • Enhance IVR interactions and call routing: Intelligent IVR systems and call routing solutions allow users to interact with contact center menus using their voice naturally. These intelligent tools can detect the intent behind each query and use machine learning algorithms to effectively route customers to the best agent for their needs, reducing call queues.  
  • Simplify self-service: Most of today’s customers prefer to have the option to address an issue themselves before speaking to an agent. An AI solution can deliver self-service via chat or even in a call queue, reducing the need to transfer customers to team members.  
  • Transform personalized experiences: AI solutions can retrieve crucial information from a customer then share it with an agent before a live conversation begins, ensuring they don’t need to repeat themselves. Additionally, these tools can draw insights from databases CRMs, and call histories, so agents can instantly personalize each experience.  
  • Enhance employee performance: AI tools streamline the customer journey, by ensuring agents have access to the resources and insights they need to deliver exceptional service. They can track sentiment in real-time, and offer suggestions on how to guide the discussion, alert supervisors when teams need support, and even offer real-time coaching and training.  
  • Increase business insights: To properly optimize the customer journey, companies need insights. AI solutions are excellent at gathering information about common query topics, call, contact center and team performance, and more. This ensures they can give teams the intelligence they need to enhance customer journeys. 

The Next Level of Customer Journey Optimization 

AI solutions can be integrated into every touchpoint into the customer journey, offering companies unlimited opportunities to gather valuable data, make intelligent decisions, and improve customer experiences. Landis Technologies is introducing new and convenient ways for companies to bring the power of AI into their journey optimization strategies, with the latest cutting-edge technology. 

With Landis, companies can unlock the potential of conversational AI for intelligent routing and self-service, access in-depth reports and analytics, and even align their essential business tools, from Microsoft Teams, to CRM software.  

You can learn more about how Landis Technologies is revolutionizing the customer journey optimization space with artificial intelligence in this video interview, covering examples, outcomes, and what’s next for the company.   

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