CX E-Commerce Case Study in Focus: Banzai and Genesys

Rebekah Carter

Banzai uses Genesys to power great customer experience

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CX E-Commerce Case Study in Focus: Banzai and Genesys

Getting ahead of the curve in today’s rapidly-evolving e-commerce marketplace isn’t easy. For growing brands, there’s increasing pressure to not only provide a range of shopping opportunities for customers but also ensure the same level of exceptional service across every channel.

Banzai is one of the most significant white goods companies in the world. Though it started as a brand selling IT products, the organisation rapidly evolved to deliver a range of products in an omnichannel landscape. Today, the Banzai brand also has the largest share of the Italian white goods market, with 70 collection points across 60 towns.

Banzai also serves an average of more than 18 million customers per month, fulfilling over a million orders, with an average value of around 160 million euros. According to Banzai, this success comes mainly from the decision to merge customer service, distribution, and logistics, with the help of the right CX technology from Genesys.

Let’s take a closer look at how Genesys has helped Banzai unlock greater levels of success.

Creating a Powerful New CX Strategy

Before working with Genesys, Banzai’s COO, Alessandro Cernigliaro, said the brand’s people, contact centres, and systems were all working independently. The lack of cohesion and integration created a number of problems with the business, including inconsistent CX. It was difficult to keep everything running smoothly without a combined end-to-end solution.

Banzai had a clear vision for how they wanted to improve the situation. The brand wanted to optimise its processes to ensure revenue grows more than costs. This meant increasing multichannel capability, achieving greater workforce automation, and offering better service to customers overall.

To achieve the right results, the companies decided to merge multiple components of their ecosystem, including the ePrice and Saldiprivati e-commerce websites, into a Genesys customer experience platform. According to the brand, the two websites attract certain kinds of shoppers, and each have different ratios of orders made via the web or call.

The ePrice site lists more than 600,000 items and appliances. On this website, agents need to streamline customer journeys through multiple stages of the journey, from selection to purchase and home installation. On the other hand, when a customer browses on Saldiprivati, it’s usually because they’re looking for value-for-money purchases and flash sales.

With the Genesys customer experience ecosystem, Banzai can ensure their agents have everything they need to deliver an immersive and meaningful customer experience across both e-commerce environments.

Evolving for the New Age of Service

The decision to upgrade CX solutions with access to Genesys technology has allowed Banzai to make some significant changes to an outdated and inefficient system for customer service. In the past, for instance, Banzai relied on a passive CRM system that profiled customers using telephony and automated solutions for call distribution.

In this environment, it was impossible to intercept delayed orders, and managing all agents simultaneously was extremely complex. At the same time, many agents actively avoided dealing with complicated cases because they didn’t have the information and guidance required to achieve the correct results. Now, with Genesys technology, agents can manage customer conversations painlessly across multiple channels, from a single desktop application.

Crucially, Banzai also notes the Genesys solution means that the business leaders can also keep track of a wide range of key performance indicators, recalls, and escalations. According to Cernigliaro, the company couldn’t measure much of anything before. Now, with Genesys technology, the brand can measure everything. This has even allowed them to discover some important information about how effective the technology has been.

The Banzai team has halved the waiting times on average for call queues and e-ticket answers. Additionally, agents are up to 15% more productive.

Adding a More Personal Touch to CX

The workflow automation elements offered by Genesys also mean Banzai has been able to leverage a more personal touch in their customer service strategy. For instance, according to Cernigliaro, the business might want to route a request from a person who bought or is considering buying a washing machine to an agent who uses the appliance every day. Similarly, orders for IT equipment and mobile phones can be matched to more tech-savvy agents.

By delivering a more personalised and relevant level of customer service, Banzai has been able to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. In addition to transforming resource utilisation and measurability in the CX environment, the Genesys Customer Experience platform has had other significant outcomes too. Banzai notes integrating the new technology has positively influenced their Net Promoter Score.

Being able to track the progress of various transactions and orders in almost real-time has had a particularly positive impact on customer experience. For instance, if an order is delayed, the Genesys technology can immediately generate an alert that tells an agent to proactively contact the customer. The agent can then ask the customer if they would like to wait or change an order.

Banzai has even been able to shift from a pull model, where agents are answering incoming inquiries, to a push model, where Genesys solutions can trigger a specific action. According to Cernigliaro, although the company was initially concerned about the lack of adoption of the new technology, this issue hasn’t emerged.

The new processes and innovations turned out to be precisely what agents were looking for. Employees wanted more guidance and more organised workflows, and this is what Genesys was able to offer.

Since implementing the Customer Experience platform from Genesys, Banzai has been rapidly investing more time and effort into its CX strategy. Looking forward, the company is planning on developing its contact centre strategy even further, with access to new channels.



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