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Published: June 13, 2023

Rebekah Carter

In an environment as agile and complex as the public sector landscape, keeping up with evolving customer expectations can be challenging. As organizations continue to transform, adopting to new citizen demands and changing workplaces, groups are increasingly finding themselves looking for more scalable, convenient toolkits for customer service.  

The demand for digital transformation only accelerates when groups are exposed to the side-effects of mergers, acquisitions, and new growth opportunities. For instance, after a merger, the Australia Northern Beaches Council was left struggling with a mixture of different, disconnected on-premises contact center systems. The team needed a more effective way to unify its teams and deliver consistent service to customers.  

Fortunately, with the Telstra Contact Centre Genesys Cloud CX platform, the group was able to improve customer and employee satisfaction, reduce after-call work time by 33% and minimize workplace expenses.  

A Growing Need for CX Synchronization 

Northern Beaches Council, a collection of 3 former public sector groups, is responsible for managing 266,000 residents and almost half of the beaches across Sydney. The team provides a host of community services, from affordable childcare to health and municipal services.  

When three separate councils merged to form the new entity, the resulting group found itself struggling with a variety of different on-premises contact center solutions, all incapable of handling high call volumes. The solutions currently available to the council also provided no opportunity for team members to track and monitor the customer journey.  

Implementing the Genesys Cloud CX solution into the environment allowed the team to access a more unified, scalable, and flexible ecosystem for customer service. What’s more, it allowed for a direct integration with the Salesforce platform, helping agents to deliver more personalized and proactive service. The Northern Beaches Council team also saw a significant improvement in reporting capabilities. Previously, reporting was a cumbersome and complex procedure.  

However, the new platform allowed employees to create reports and access real-time insights on agent performance and call activity in a couple of clicks.  

Unlocking Scalability and Increased Engagement 

Leveraging a new cloud-based solution for customer experience from Genesys has allowed the Northern Beaches Council to access a more scalable service, which can scale easily to address changes in citizen contact levels, caused by major events like floods and natural disasters.  

Shortly after implementing the solution, a major storm hit Sydney, and the Northern Beaches Council team were able to rapidly respond to customer queries at any time, without having to invest in new technology and solutions. As an added bonus, the toolkit came with integrated features for visibility, which has helped the team to increase employee engagement.  

Now, both supervisors and agents can monitor individual performance metrics, real-time data, and crucial benchmarks when working in any environment. The user-friendly solution ensures agents can track their performance more effectively, and even reduce the time they spend wrapping up calls.  

Additionally, the internal chat functionality in the platform means agents can share knowledge, collaborate on crucial conversations, and benefit from a more unified workplace experience.  

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