Cyara’s Acquisition of CentraCX Signals a New Era for CX Assurance

From the foundations of its leading CX Assurance Platform comes the CX Transformation Platform

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Cyara’s Acquisition of CentraCX Signals a New Era for CX Assurance - CX Today News
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Published: September 5, 2023

Charlie Mitchell

The acquisition of CentraCX by Cyara may have come as a surprise to many. No CX assurance vendor had ever before rolled up or released a voice of the customer (VoC) platform. 

Instead, vendors had traditionally stayed in the realm of automated testing and continuous monitoring.  

For decades, CX assurance has remained a ring-fenced market. 

This acquisition changes that and may signal the beginning of a new era for CX assurance providers, where they play an enhanced role in developing and running contact center experiences. Such experiences aspire to delight customers, even as demand and trends continue to evolve.  

The Evolution of CX Assurance

Historically, CX assurance initiatives caused stress for many service leaders. After all, they typically had to work with several single-purpose vendors or take a manual approach to continually test and monitor their contact center environments.  

For instance, they may have had one vendor for load testing, another for bot testing, another for network testing, another for IVR testing – and so on. 

As a result, leading CX assurance vendors have – through acquisition and innovation – battled to become the first provider to offer an “end-to-end platform”. 

To reach the status of an end-to-end platform, Cyara built solutions that offer:  

  • Automated discovery and documentation of customer journey flows;  
  • Design-driven, functional, and regression testing; 
  • Load and performance testing, production, and real-time monitoring; 
  • Conversational AI testing and monitoring; 
  • And – recently, with the acquisition of Spearline – global, in-country test coverage. 

Now, continuing its journey to elevate its solutions from a CX Assurance Platform to a CX Transformation Platform, Cyara has added VoC to its portfolio. 

A New Beginning

Instead of businesses simply drafting in Cyara to test CCaaS ecosystems, the vendor offers guidance and expertise from a much earlier stage. It supports customers to better mold and shape their contact center environments and optimize them over time. 

That new, more consultative role is at the heart of Cyara’s vision for the future of CX transformation.  

As Max Lipovetsky, VP of Products at Cyara, recently told CX Today. “CX transformation is about giving them (Cyara’s customers) the capabilities and knowledge to transform customer experiences, not just once, but continually.”  

In this new role, the vendor can further differentiate itself from the competition by becoming the thought leader that businesses turn to before their CCaaS migrations begin and thereafter.  

Moreover, Cyara may leverage its experience to offer expertise on what works and what doesn’t, becoming the consultative vendor contact centers turn to for guidance and industry expertise. 

That’s where Cyara’s new CentraCX solution enters the fray. It will deliver new insights to businesses far beyond the boundaries of conventional CX assurance.  

CentraCX at the Core of Cyara’s CX Transformation Vision

Cyara continues to seek new ways to add value for its customers. 

CX assurance vendors have historically provided insights into the performance of technologies and processes. But, by acquiring CentraCX, Cyara becomes the first to offer in-depth people insights too – regarding both customers and agents. 

Now, the vendor can offer brands a more holistic view of the contact center experience – which will prove crucial in playing that more consultative role. 

Moreover, service leaders can better see how their business transformation initiatives are impacting their three central patrons: customers, agents, and the business.   

Indeed, CentraCX centralizes customer, frontline employee, and business stakeholder feedback and applies machine learning to extract prevalent trends and critical insights.  

In doing so, Cyara can help contact center leaders better monitor the success of transformation programs and leverage AI in a new and exciting way. 

According to Lipovetsky, that is also critical to Cyara’s go-forward plan. He said: 

“Our product roadmap includes a lot of initiatives that are going to deliver more and more AI capabilities, deeply embedded within our products.”

Other critical capabilities of CentraCX include survey tools, reporting dashboards with 50+ preconfigured CX metrics, and its hallmark “Tribal Analytics” feature. 

Tribal Analytics enables frontline agents to contextualize gathered customer feedback, adding details about interactions that help leaders understand, action, and evolve CX for the better. 

CentraCX will help Cyara to become the sole Transformation Platform provider and partner in the market. 

The Future Starts Now

Cyara are continuing to seek new ways to add more value for their customers. 

Expect more moves and growth to follow as they build a complete end-to-end transformation platform and adjacent services to revolutionize the traditional CX assurance playbook.  

To learn more about Cyara’s mission and comprehensive product portfolio, visit:  

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