Five9 and Nuveto Transform Workflow Automation Together

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WFA has no boundaries, says Five9 Partner

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Five9 and Nuveto Transform Workflow Automation Together

For years, automation technology has been capturing the attention of companies keen to transform productivity and efficiency in the modern workplace. With the right automation strategies, companies can reduce the number of repetitive tasks employees has to deal with each day, while simultaneously minimising the risk of unnecessary mistakes.

Unfortunately, Workflow Automation opportunities haven’t always been accessible to modern businesses. Many automation tools have been reserved for larger companies with dedicated development teams – until Five9 decided to change the game.

Five9 is working with great integration partners such as Nuveto to offer a simple pathway to automation designed to strengthen agent and customer experience.

I spoke to Carlos Eduardo Leite, Solution Consulting Director at Nuveto, to get his insights.

Tell Us About Nuveto

Carlos told me that he and his co-founders created the Nuveto company around five years ago, in 2016 The brand is a forward-thinking technology organisation providing solutions to generate positive experiences and quality relationships between companies and people. Nuveto specialises in innovative cloud-based technology intended to raise satisfaction and boost efficiency in the customer service space, with the integration of CX and automation tools.

When Nuveto encountered Five9, the team was immediately impressed by the company’s approach to bringing valuable experiences to companies through the cloud.

“Through our partnership, we extended Five9’s reach in Latin America, and we quickly started selling their solution in Brazil. The results were incredible, and last year, we even achieved distributor status with Five9. We now have more than 15 channels we sell through, and we still serve large companies too.”

What is Workflow Automation (WFA)?

With Nuveto, Five9 has created a workflow automation offering that allows users to connect their intelligent contact centre in the cloud with other essential business systems. The result is a tool that enables the creation of exceptional customer experiences through the aggregation of information, and the use of comprehensive data insights. I asked Leite for his insight into workflow automation and what it can do for companies. “Some companies see their contact centre like a bubble, with lots of software and solutions designed specifically for that environment. However, for the workplace to operate efficiently, connections are necessary throughout all aspects of the business environment. Workflow automation tools can bridge the gaps between siloed groups and trigger various opportunities for productivity.”

Carlos said WFA solutions can connect different platforms around the workplace, using triggers to keep the business running smoothly. For instance, a contact centre could set up a solution that

automatically provides sales agents and marketing teams with new information on a product to sell after an initial product’s sales quotas have been reached.

WFA eliminates countless time-consuming manual processes and allows companies to automate the system interactions that will make them more productive, consistent, and empathetic towards their customers’ needs.

What Can Workflow Automation with Five9 do?

The new workflow automation solution from Five9 and being sold by Nuveto enhances productivity and efficiency in the workplace, improving both agent and customer experience at the same time. Management teams can collect data from various environments for better insights, while team members can access the data, they need to perform actions faster. When the team saves time and boosts efficiency, the customer benefits.

“You could create a workflow that monitors people leaving negative comments on a review site, and automatically sends alerts to team members when they need to jump in and address a problem to preserve brand reputation.” Five9 and Nuveto provide a WFA solution that is comprehensive, intuitive and easy to use. Companies can access a library of pre-built connections to aggregate more of their data in real-time and visualize performance without having to worry about finding developers to work on complex systems for them. You can even create intelligent workflows which automatically react to certain triggers, reducing the time between problems, opportunities, and resolutions.

“Working with Five9 technology, companies get a really intuitive way to tap into the benefits of automation. There’s no programming language to figure out. It’s extremely easy to create a lot of great automations very quickly. There aren’t any barriers and boundaries between different components. You’ve even got pre-built integrations to work with, or you can use APIs and webhooks to build your own strategies.”

The Five9 experience streamlines the art of automation for a better all-around outcome.

How Is Five9 Transforming Workflow Automation?

Automation technology hasn’t always been the most accessible environment for many businesses, but Five9 and Nuveto are solving this challenge. The Five9 WFA environment can connect to your existing tools in Microsoft, Salesforce, and other environments, and companies can use it to either automate tasks or simply get deeper insights into what’s going on within the organisation.

Customizable dashboards and wallboards make it much easier to track the overall performance of the contact centre. Once you know what’s going on in your ecosystem, you can use automation triggers to react to events in real-time, create cross-system workflows, and unlock new opportunities.

Carlos notes that the Five9 WFA solution has given the company a fantastic edge in the cloud contact centre market, particularly as the workplace continues to change. Companies are searching for better ways to manage and optimize processes in the business landscape, and workflow automation can help to make every team more efficient.

The straightforward and flexible nature of the Five9 solution also makes it easier for partners like Nuveto to implement new solutions into contact centre environments for customers. “Five or ten years ago we were selling diallers and recorders, now we’re selling flexible cloud solutions that can make sure companies are prepared for the future.”

Explore Five9 Workflow Automation on the official website.



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