Five9 Guides Remote Workforces to Success

Five9 delivers top tips for remote contact centres

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Five9 Guides Remote Workforces to Success

Over the last few months, the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic has forced countless companies to transform the way that they work almost overnight. Large businesses have all but shut-down, with team members forced to stay at home to reduce the risk of contamination. In this new landscape, business leaders only have two paths.

You can either learn how to operate remotely, with a team of employees that can handle calls and queries from a distance, or you could risk losing customers with an unpredictable period of inactivity. Since stopping customer service, full-stop simply won’t be an option for most brands, many companies are now searching for support in the cloud.

A cloud contact centre, which allows team members to tap into the same business phone technology at home as they would expect in the office, could be the key to maintaining productivity in a crisis. However, business leaders still need a strategy to prep their remote workforce for success.

Fortunately, leading cloud contact centre provider, Five9, is here to help. The company recently published an in-depth guide on how business leaders can set their remote workforce up for success. This digital download contains all the top tips and tricks team leaders need to keep a contact centre running smoothly in times of crisis.

Preparing the Remote Contact Centre

Five9’s guide to setting up the remote contact centre provides guidance on what businesses can do to maintain productivity, security, and efficiency. These tips are designed to suit any potential issue that might make the in-office contact centre impossible to access, from snowstorms and floods to fires.

Focusing on the functionality of the innovative Five9 Intelligent Cloud Contact Centre, this guide shows companies how they can make the most of the flexibility and scalability of the cloud to keep their teams connected. In the document, you’ll find a list of the equipment required to run a successful remote contact centre, from laptops to noise-cancelling headsets. However, Five9 also covers the considerations beyond hardware and software that businesses need to address.

For instance, as many companies in the last few months have come to discover, managing a remote workforce is vastly different to leading a team in-person. When you’re trying to inspire, motivate, and protect your remote workers, you need to put extra measures in place. Having the right guidelines in place that can help your team members figure out how to work more productively in a new environment is essential. At the same time, prioritising good connectivity will be critical to ensuring a consistent quality of service from your contact centre team.

Be Prepared for Anything

The recent pandemic has shown companies on a global scale just how important it is to have the right business continuity plan in place. While some companies can easily continue working from home with nothing but a laptop and the right log-in details, it requires a lot more planning to ensure that your contact centre can continue to be professional and secure at a distance.

Contact centre agents need the right phone systems in place to deliver a high quality of call to their customers. What’s more, they need the right software in place to ensure that conversations are secure. For instance, Five9 recommends considering options like remote VPNs, and checking with IT teams to ensure that employees have the right amount of bandwidth to support a remote workforce.

As a leader in the cloud contact centre space, Five9 knows what it takes to keep employees engaged and focused in a remote environment. The available download comes with a complete checklist of points to think about, including tips on:

  • Required equipment for remote worker productivity
  • Connectivity tools and VPN security
  • Meeting performance requirements
  • Support for remote working
  • Emergency procedures

Make the Most of your Cloud Contact Centre

Investing in an on-demand and highly scalable service like the Five9 Intelligent Cloud Contact Centre is an excellent way for businesses to ensure that any natural disaster or national issue won’t prevent them from delivering a consistent level of service to their customers. Five9’s latest downloadable resource is just another way that the cloud leader is providing the support and guidance that it’s customers need to thrive in any situation.

The guide to setting up your remote workforce for success is available to download now from Five9. Companies interested in finding more ways to enhance their remote working strategy can find plenty of resources on the Five9 website to help with their digital transformation.


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