The Future of Digital Customer Engagement for Telcos

Contact Centres for the New Generation

The Future of Digital Customer Engagement for Telcos

RingCentral, one of the market leaders in the cloud communications landscape, is giving today’s Telco businesses a new way to differentiate themselves. In Europe and around the world, consumers are no longer focused exclusively on price points and product features when making purchasing decisions. Today’s end-users want to know that they’re going to get a reliable experience from the companies that they work with.

By the end of the coming year (2020), studies predict that customer experience will be the one true brand differentiator for all companies. Since the contact centre exists at the heart of the connection between the consumer and the brand, it makes sense that any strategy for enhancing customer experience would begin with a focus on the contact centre solutions. RingCentral’s digital customer engagement offering for Telcos puts experience at the heart of the purchasing conversation.

Embracing an Omni-Digital strategy for Telecoms Companies

RingCentral Engage Digital solution for telecommunication companies already appeals to more than 40 leading companies across the globe, providing them with an all-in-one solution for managing digital conversations with customers, and enhancing customer engagement.

Through a state-of-the-art cloud solution, RingCentral gives telecoms businesses of all sizes and backgrounds the opportunity to enhance customer care and eliminate the silos in their existing operations. Not only does the cloud solution help to increase customer satisfaction scores, but it can improve productivity and reduce costs too.

For instance, the Orange Group is using RingCentral Engage Digital to communicate with younger generations in their marketplace. The platform allows Orange to manage digital interactions at scale and reconciliate the imperatives of community marketing and corporate communications with the obligations of customer service.

Elsewhere in the world, Ooredoo used Engage Digital to take 75% of their interactions into the digital landscape, inverting their trends for non-digital conversations within the first 18 months.

Using Customer Satisfaction to Transform the Bottom Line

A cloud-based digital engagement solution gives today’s telecommunications business the opportunity to expand and improve the way that they connect with their customers.  By relying on Engage Digital, businesses can embrace new digital channels (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Apple Business Chat, live-chat, email…) and use them to deliver the kind of conversations that their customers want most. We’re living in an environment where customers now have more choices than ever before. The marketplace belongs to clients who are happy to switch between different service providers to find the kind of experience that suits them.

In this ever-evolving marketplace, being available through traditional systems like phone and email isn’t enough. The age of digital transformation means that more customers are expecting things like messaging apps, social media and live-chat  to be included as part of their opportunity to access service and support.

RingCentral Engage Digital offers Telco companies the chance to adapt to a new marketplace demanding always-on communication through any channel. With the convenience of the cloud, companies can build their contact centre environment to deliver the effortless and seamless communication stacks that their end-users need. Not only does this improve the way that customers feel about the brands that they’re working with, but it could have a direct impact on company profit levels too.

According to the Harvard Business Review, customer satisfaction is the most important factor in creating customer loyalty. Customers who love your business are more willing to stick around, buying more and providing feedback to help you grow. These clients may even refer friends and other people to your company, giving you more opportunities to sale. Growing your customer retention rates by as little as 5% can lead to an increase of profit that ranges between 25% and 95%.

Get Ready to Digitally Transform

Now that customers demand more than ever from their companies, it’s time for telecommunications brands to embrace the age of digital transformation. With a simple and immersive solution on the cloud, you can ensure that you’re in the right position to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, enhance productivity, and make your customer service agents as available as possible.

Through RingCentral’s cloud-based engagement platform, telecommunications organizations can find their path to the future.

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