IVA and the Future of Contact Centres

Joshua Lunney

Are you being smart about Intelligent Virtual Agents? 

Five9 Insights
IVA and the Future of Contact Centres

Companies are getting smarter about the way they offer customer experience.

Driven in part by the new demands of the post-COVID world, as well as by the arrival of new and improved technology, the way teams and people interact is changing.

Artificial intelligence achieved a 13% annual growth rate in 2020, and it’s set to reach a value of around $37.9 billion by 2024. While AI can support various parts of communication and workplace productivity, some of the most valuable opportunities emerge within the CX environment. Most significantly, we’re beginning to see the rise of virtual agents.

The term “virtual agent,” or “intelligent virtual agent” (IVA), is quickly gaining attention around the world, as companies search for ways to respond to new challenges. Going forward, Five9 believes that the IVA could be a crucial member of every contact centre and customer service team.

To dive deeper into the world of IVA, Rob Scott, Publisher, CX Today and Callan Schebella, Senior VP & General Manager, Five9 discuss the IVA revolution and how its transforming customer experience in this latest eBook.

What’s included in the eBook: 

  • Where Did IVA Come From?
  • The IVA Revolution — Why Now?
  • The Main Purchase Drivers for IVA
  • How IVA Transforms the Customer Experience
  • Connecting IVA to an Existing Communication Solution
  • Measuring the Success of IVA
  • The Age of IVA Has Arrived

The eBook is available to download now for free.



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