Kore.ai to Showcase RetailAssist at NRF 2023

RetailAssist showcase to highlight conversational commerce assistant tech

Kore.ai to Showcase RetailAssist at NRF 2023
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Published: January 13, 2023

Rory Greener

Rory Greener

This Wednesday, Kore.ai announced the upcoming launch of RetailAssist at the National Federation of Retailers show (NRF 2023) in New York City on January 14, 2023.

The conversation AI firm is debuting the solution to provide enterprise customers with a conversational commerce assistant that improves customer and employee experiences.

RetailAssist enables Kore.ai clients to leverage integrated technology solutions which promote business scalability and modernization.

As part of RetailAssist, Kore.ai is introducing technologies such as self-service automation, personalization, omnichannel fulfilment,24/7 pre-/post-sales service, and support.

RetailAssist also assists with onboarding, day-to-day operations, and customer support operations. The versatile service operates as an AR-driven employee assistant that, according to the CEO and Founder of Kore.ai, Raj Koneru, brings “together competencies that enable our retail clients to innovate and scale their digital self-service use cases faster.”

Koneru also added:

With the ability to offer conversational intelligent virtual assistants that support the customer journey from start to finish, the solution [RetailAssist] empowers retailers to tap into the AI-powered conversational commerce today.

According to a Gartner 2023 CIO and Technology Agenda report, emerging customer outreach tools such as AI, cloud service, and store digitalization are crucial to retaining customers and talent.

Kore.ai’s Senior Vice President and General Manager, Gopinath Polavarapu, also noted how personalization for web and mobile applications should be a top priority when attempting to transform online a brand’s shopping experience.

NRF 2023: Kore.ai to Showcase Next-Generation Automation

At the NRF 2023 event, Kore.ai is showcasing the hardware and software that builds the foundation of RetailAssist. Additionally, the firm will show use cases and examples of smart contact centre automation.

Moreover, the firm will highlight how businesses can leverage the RetailAssist solution to support customer navigation, self-service support, order statuses, returns, and appointment management.

The solution is compatible across web and mobile-based platforms, allowing brands to leverage customer information like demographics, geography, inventory availability, web, and social profiles.

Kore.ai new smart contact centre automation tools allow brands to implement automated voice and digital interactions in self-checkout environments. RetailAssist can provide clients with virtual assistants that help customers with their buying journey.

The platform also comes with a RetailAssist employee assistant AI-chatbot solution which keeps in-store workers up to date with the status of a store. For example, the service can inform an employee about customer traffic and assist with product/stock information.

Kore.ai also pre-trained its Ai-chatbot to handle HR, administrative, IT, and operations-related queries from employees.

Polavarapu also added:

Kore.ai has built an intelligent AI-native chatbot that allows consumers to search and discover products while simultaneously asking intricate questions to personalize the right products and services based on their customer profile, inventory status and promotions.

Check out Kore.ai’s technology innovation at NRF 2023, where various industry experts and companies present emerging retail solutions during the event.

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