LogMeIn Expands GoToConnect CCaaS Offerings

Carly Read
Senior Reporter

New outbound capabilities and additional inbound features in CCaaS space

LogMeIn Expands GoToConnect CCaaS Offerings

LogMeIn today announced new offerings in the CCaaS space with a new outbound calling solution designed for sales organisations and expanded inbound capabilities.

The features, including cloud-based solutions such as GoToConnect, GoToMeeting, LastPass and Rescue, are also fully integrated into LogMeIn’s robust Unified-Communications-as-a-Service platform, GoToConnect. 

GoToConnect’s Contact Centre, the only offering purpose-built for small and medium-size businesses (SMBs), provides companies with insight into exactly how many calls are being handled, allows organisations to automatically call back customers who didn’t get to talk to an agent and access tools designed to increase agent effectiveness and productivity so that organisations can easily improve and capitalise on their customer interactions. 

GoToConnect adds features such as: 

  • Outbound dialler: Every customer call that hangs up before they speak to an agent is a lost opportunity. If the customer was calling to get help, they leave dissatisfied. If the customer was calling to investigate buying something, a deal is lost. Traditionally businesses, especially SMBs, usually only know about lost deals once they’ve talked to a caller; they simply don’t have full visibility into the calls they missed. GoToConnect’s outbound dialler turns abandoned calls into opportunities and provides tools for agents to more efficiently call prospects
  • Pre-recorded voicemails: Leaving the same voicemail over and over again is one of the worst parts about outbound telephone campaigns. This feature allows agents to create custom messages for a variety of situations or specific campaigns. With the push of a button agents can leave these messages when they reach a prospect’s voicemail, saving valuable time and ensuring a consistent customer experience. With this simple innovation, agents can process more calls and reserve their valuable energy for live customer interactions
  • SMS chat queues: Agents can now go beyond voice and engage with customers via SMS. Agent managers will also be able to track and view reports to manage the effectiveness of their employee 

Mike Sharp, Chief Product Officer for Unified Communications and Collaboration at LogMeIn, said: “Great customer interactions are the foundation of every successful business – including the nearly 90% of small-to-medium-sized businesses that haven’t yet deployed any Contact Centre capabilities.

“Since its launch last year, GoToConnect Contact Centre has helped thousands of previously underserved organisations take better care of their customers, improve visibility and drive better outcomes. We believe that every organisation deserves access to simple, cost-effective, and easy-to-use Contact Centre capabilities.

“Today’s launch supports our customers by adding new outbound capabilities and additional inbound capabilities to our best-in-class offering, allowing them to engage with their customers in ways that most SMBs never would have been able to with traditional and far too expensive contact centre solutions. GoToConnect Contact Centre quite literally pays for itself by creating an easy way to connect with prospects to close deals that otherwise would have been lost.” 

In addition to the new outbound solution, GoToConnect has also expanded its existing Contact Centre offerings, originally launched in 2020 with updates such as: 

  • Intelligent Call Routing : Easily match incoming calls to the correct agent, optimising service delivery and locking in the highest possible customer satisfaction. Also known as skills-based routing, this feature provides businesses with reports on which “skills” are in demand and how well customers with those needs are being handled. Examples of skills include language preference, specific type of issue, or brand a caller wants to speak with within an organisation. 
  • Auto-queue callback : Gives incoming callers the option to opt for a call back, rather than waiting on the line for an agent. 

Whether using GoToConnect’s inbound or outbound capabilities, supervisors have the ability to monitor every aspect of their team’s call flow, such as customers in queue, average speed to answer and average talk time. These metrics are presented with up-to-the-second accuracy so managers can quickly resolve issues that come up. 

GoToConnect’s Contact Centre solutions can be quickly deployed in one day, even while teams are working fully remote.

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